The place where Cinderalla and Robin Hood live !

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Don't you think this place looks just like the place that comes right out of your story book ?

These photos were taken at lookout mountain @ Chattanooga, Tennessee. A place where my husband spend a lot of his childhood times. A place full of sweet memories with grandpa and grandma.

I fall in love with this place and might be someday we will pack and move from Florida to here :)-

Ok. I know it is not clear, but look closely, you might be able to read Red Robin Hood ?


J.T. said...

err... Jamy, where is the lookout mountain@Chattanooga, TN? Is there supposed to be a picture? :)

You certainly updated your blog pretty fast after your holiday. You are a certified blog-addict. haha

kayatan said...

Ha ha ha ha kawan, I long time certified sudah loh.

Might be I should set up a Blog Anonymous Group and I self appoint myself chair lady ? :). U want to join or not leh ?

The mt. goes from GA to TN.

A few famous tourist attractions such as : Rubby fall, Rock City, Incline Railway...

Very beautiful RE around the area but of course also very expensive lah. Weather is exceptionally beautiful during winter.

A, Kawan, I think the DJ is Patrick Lau, ring a bell ?

zewt said...

such a lovely place. does your husband wanna spend the rest of his life there having spent the earlier part there already.

i would love to stay in such place... BUT... must have internet connection... haha!

kuanhoong said...

Hehe I don't know who is Cinderalla, but it is a nice place for you to stay. There are plenty of plants outside too, hehe, good for lazy gardener like you. :P

ColourMeCrazy said...

That does look like it's straight out of a story book! As long as there's no big bad wolf!

Cirnelle said...

Absolutely beautiful. I've missed so much from your blog, having been offline for a straight 5 days, I think (me, not you). So much to catch up on...

Mama BoK said...

Very nice indeed..!

Blur Mommy said...

Very nice houses! I've always liked the log cabin kind of hse.

BeeLee said...

Lovely place to be, I can smell the fresh air there ;o)

kayatan said...

In fact, there is a road called Cinderella and Red Robin Hood streets.

In fact, it was hillarious. While driving along the road and enjoying the scenery. I told my hubby, this place sure looked like a place come right out of our story books, Cinderella and Robin Hood. He laughed and said in fact, there is 2 streets that name after Cinderella and Red Robin Hood, and he took me there to take a photo. The photo did not turn out too well but I will go ahead and post it.

Jamy :):):)

kayatan said...


My hubby love his mountain. We go to the mountain everyday like going to Haj :):).

He moved to Florida cos of his work. I always said how could he left such a beautiful place for Florida. Florida is all flat lands and swamps :):):).

Yes, the only thing that hold us back here in Florida is hubby work. He works for the state and has the best retirement scheme and excellent benefit.

U know we only paid US$150 for my open heart surgery, repair a hole in my right chamber, a hole in my left valve and a pacemaker implant. If we don't have the health benefit, it would cost us US$480k+.

However, this trip that we went have made us more sure that we are going to move there cos of a new development. See, we have been corresponding with a guy who church plant for about 4 years now. Finally, finally, the 1st reform baptist church is planted at Chattanooga. We are so very thrilled. That give us more reason to move back. It might take us a couple of years to tide us all our loose ends here.

Aiya, don't be sochai lah. Even the mountain has internet lah. High speed lah, even wireless :):). This is America lah :):):):).

One of our friends are doing medical transcript on smoky mountain :):). Her husband retired much earlier than her, they always want to live on cabin log home on mountain. So she packed with her hubby. Though she is not working a regular job but she is typing away her on the mountain doing medical transcript for docs :):) , earning a decent income and enjoy the mountain :):).

This is one of the many wonderful things about this wonderful nation.

Ya, if I say 1 more good thing abt America, you are going to muntah, I know :):)

kayatan said...

Cirnelle, are you back now ?
Hope u can assess online now.

kayatan said...

Ya, BEE, don't talk abt the air, make me want to cry. Here in Florida, so hot and humid, over there, so breezy and fresh :). So more the birds songs , very very seronok.

Anyone of you want to have honeymoon here, I volunteer to be tour guide, without charge !

kayatan said...

Yes, blur mommy, log cabin is one of my dream house :):)

Colormecrazy, ya, in smoky mountain, lots of bears !

KH, I don't think we can afford to live there, very expensive neighorhood :)-.