A phone fit for CEO.

Friday, August 31, 2007

The BlackBerry Pearl (8100) is a mobile phone developed by Research In Motion, and the first Blackberry device with a camera and other multimedia features.

Blackberry Pearl

Blackberry Pearl is aimed towards both business users and consumers. Its advertising campaign features several people including Mariska Hargitay and Douglas Coupland.

The BlackBerry Pearl provides Quad-Band network support on 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS and EDGE networks to allow for international roaming between North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Most BlackBerry devices have a full keyboard. The Pearl uses a modified QWERTY layout on a 4 row 5 column keypad, with a predictive input algorithm known as SureType. Typing on a Pearl is different than on other non-SureType BlackBerry devices.

The Pearl supports the full range of BlackBerry enterprise functionality.

Unlike most BlackBerries, the Pearl includes a music player and other multimedia features. It requires the purchase of a MicroSD memory card to support storage of multimedia files beyond the 64MB provided internally.

Most notably, the Pearl uses a white trackball similar in appearance to a white pearl instead of the traditional BlackBerry scroll wheel. This facilitates horizontal scrolling and is the origin of the Pearl's name. Third-party applications can be used to change the color of the pearl.

The Pearl comes with the following standard features: 1.3 megapixel camera with flash, self portrait mirror, and 5x digital zoom, media player with support for MP3, media player with support for MPEG-4 and H.263 video formats, bluetooth 2.0,address book & calendar, web browser,blackBerry maps,push e-mail, voice Dialing,speakerphone SMS and MMS text messaging, instant messaging .

So, you might want to check out these sites to find out which is your 2007 Christmas wish list :

Blackberry Pearl : Blackberry Pearl.

Cingular Blackberry Pearl : Cingular Blackberry Pearl.

Cingular Blackberry Pearl cheap : Cingular Blackberry Pearl cheap.

You want to feel like a CEO this Christmas !

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Do you know this ?

A speical dating service for a special person

You said, oh Jamy, not another dating service.

Alright, this is a special site for special people.

BBW Romance.com : bbw personals is special dating site for big beautiful women and men.

If we say we are not prejudice, we are cheating ourselves. We stereotype people. We have our preconceive ideal man and woman.

Now with this site, you don't have to worry about your size anymore, this site specialized for woman who are chubby, overweight, plus size, and obese and are interested in finding romance online. Check out the site : bbw dating

There is no joining fees. You can post a photo, send a message, and even block someone whom you are not interested.

You can check out features such as Search , Who's Online and browse photos, here.

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Do you know about this site ?

Home on the road.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Have you ever wanted to go on vacation and stay at a place for an extended period of time without having to stay in a motel? There are places that you can go where you can rent a vacation condo, cottage or a home from the owners and save up to 30% on rental rates.

There are 3 places in particular that I'd like to tell you about where you can do this.

First, Kissimmee, Florida. I have personally visited this area and can vouch that it is near all the major theme parks and attractions in the greater Orlando area, particularly Disney World, Sea World, and MGM Studios. Also, there are interesting places in Kissimmee itself such as World of Orchids, Arabian Nights ( a Medieval dinner show),several golf courses, a number of excellent restaurants, and an air boat ride..Nearby there is the Florida Eco-Safari, the Formosa Gardens Shopping Center, and “Dixie Stampede”. Check out Kissimmee vacation rentals for more information.

Fort Myers Beach, Florida. There are a number of vacation rentals that are on Fort Myers beach and have an ocean view. Activity wise, there's pontoon and boat rentals, fishing trips, golf courses, Major League Baseball spring training (in season), Santini Plaza (home of incredible shops and restaurants) and Town Square (where the action is : restaurants, entertainment, shops, scooter rentals and the pier).

For more information, visit Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals : Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals.

Lastly, visit Panama City Beach for a slightly more Southern side of Florida. In addition to the beaches with clear emerald waters, there are family activities in the area including Miracle Strip Amusement Park, water parks, Championship Golf Courses, miniature golf, tennis, great shopping, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, wind surfing, parasailing, snorkeling, great shopping, and a variety of restaurants. For more information, go to Panama City beach vacation homes .

You might also want to check out this site .

This is me with my new pacemaker !

I am already feel so much more energetic :).

Getting paid to blog ?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Do you like to get paid to blog ? I do ?

Do you know about Blogitive ?

Blogtive is doing a big campaign to recruit bloggers to write for their sponsors. Read this : Test Campaign

Read this from their page : "Blogger Recruiting

We are seeing a lot of great Blogitive Directory sign ups which is great. But we want to push this out even faster. So, we are going to ask for a little help in recruiting bloggers. Starting today we will pay $2 for every blogger you get to sign up to the Directory Network. These must be bloggers that have a WordPress blog on their own domain name, and must have been around for at least 30 days. You will be paid after their first paid posting. We will be doing this until we hit 10k bloggers in the network.
Make sure they put your email address in the referred by so we can give you credit for these."

Read more from here.

Please spread the words to your bloggers friends about Blogitive.

Have you been to the Armish country ?

Picture source :here.

One of my Ecafers has written an entry on Armish people,here.

I thought you like to read it.

The wonder of tecnology

Martin Worldwide is one of the largest , most established (has been around for over a decade) and most successful mailing list providers in the United States.

It process over 290 million customers database and 14 millions U.S business.

Over the years of research and development, it announced its most successful, ground breaking products : ResponseCom.

This mailing list innovative database product :Lists Company offers multi-dimensional database that offers extreme versatility and over 100 demographic and psychographic selects.

Its ability to gather, merge, optimize data into one vast database has helped many clients to experience higher response rates, higher profitability, and more new business opportunities.

If you want more information on Martin Worldwide, this is their contact info :
Client Relations Manager : Chip Matthews
Email : chip@martinworldwide.net
Phone : (888)- 267-3545.

I am going to have my pacemaker generator changed tomorrow

My dear readers, for some reasons, my pacemaker generator has gone kaput :).So I am going to have my pacemaker generator replaced tomorrow. Pray for me :).

Planning ahead for your Christmas shoppping list.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Don't you just hate it to shop after Christmas ? I don't care how much I can save, the thoughts of having to squeeze among the crowds, having to fight with people for the things I want to buy is not my cup of teas. And not only days, after the getting the goods that you want to buy, you need to wait in long lines to pay for the things you have bought is really not want shopping should be. Shopping should be relax, and enjoyable, like staying at the comfort of your home and a few clicks on your computer mouse with the best price on your dream Christmas items.

Now I really got you hooked and excited, haven't I ?

You asked me where's this place or shop that I am talking about.

I am talking about a site named : thanksgiving deals.

It is a site where you can buy all the discount items after Thanksgiving day, traditionally called the Black Friday sales.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when major retailers around the country discount products to help kick off the Christmas shopping season. This Black Friday ads are usually kept secret until you receive the circulars in your Thanksgiving Day newspaper. However at Black-Friday.net, we give you the advantage by showing you all of the Black Friday 2007 ads before anyone else. We also offer direct links to each product so you can purchase the items online on Black Friday without having to stand in line at the store!

Most all of us know Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving day where most retailers kick off the Christmas shopping seasons by offering discount products on that day. Usually these discount ads are normallyu keep secret until Thanksgiving Days newspaper, but the site I just mentioned Black-Friday.net show you all the Black Friday ads before anyone know it.

You got to do your Christmas Discounts products at the comfort of the home without having to squeeze with all the crowds at Black Friday.

My favorite store is Bestbuy because I am a geek. Just click here on this link, the link will take you to the BestBuy Black Friday Ad.

I hope you are as excited as me. Planned ahead !

Feel down ?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I think many of you here can identify with me about "time challenge syndrome" on blogging if you have a full time job, or a full time student, and have a family to take care.

But, this blog cheers me up . This is a blog on Darren's sneeze page titled : When it Feels Like Nobody is Reading Your Blog.

These are the exact words that really uplifted me !

"So my advice to new bloggers who feel like no one is listening is to not give up and see the experience of preaching to the empty pews on your blog as a learning experience.

The things you learn now will shape your future blogging, will grow your understanding of your topic, will grow your character and make you into a better blogger. "

I think we all have gone through that stage during our earlier days of blogging or still going through it now that "no one read our blog". I talked about this feeling here.

Wow, I think my husband would be so encouraged because he feels like that now. He has been blogging on reformed baptist apologetics for quite a number of months, there are not a lot of readers but he still keeps writing :).

So, be passionate of what you are doing, continue to blog !

Cheers !

Rapid Search

Do you love music and games DVDs ? Are you constantly lost while searching for music and games DVDs at amazon.com ? Do you know there is a site where they organized all the entertainment available from Amazon into nice categories ? It is called rapidsearch.org .

When you look at site : http://www.rapidsearch.org/

You see the site has very distinct category of DVDs, music, games etc...

Click on their DVDs section and you can select any DVDs you want.

Likewise games, music and etc...

So go check out their site and see how convenient you can find your favorite dvds, music and games. Here : RapidSearch

Do you like exotic food ?

Well, I am going to introduce you with 2 exotic food here.
1. Rojak.

2. Indonesian Nasi Kuning (Indonesian yellow rice).


Do you have a big yard ? Do you live in the urban kind of subdivision kind of housing area ? or you live in the country where there is no neighbor within 50miles away ?

I think whatever it is, everyone of us love to have some landscaping on our yard ?

A few of my friends from church owned landscaping businesses in Florida. It is a flourishing business because we have lots of green practically most of the years, except certain parts in the North where they boarder the Georgia area. These areas might have some cold frost days on January but overall landscaping is a whole year business here in Florida.

Landscaping has come a long way. Have you heard of the latest trend ? Fake landscape rocks ? They look real, I can tell you that !

You can look at this fake rocks, artificial rocks, fake rock and fake boulders on this site here : Artificial Rocks Factory, don't you have to agree with you, they look real ?

If you are into landscaping , I would highly recommend you to look into fake landscape rocks because these rocks look so real and they are very easy to maintain.

Click on one of these photos on this link and you are able to see a larger, 360-degree animated 3-D view of each model.

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My blogging style

I read about the 25 blogging styles from this blog, here.
I think my style is like a rojak style :).

What is rojak ?
You can find its definition in Wikipeida, here.

A little help on event planner

Friday, August 24, 2007

Have you ever organized an event for families members, coworkers, or even an event to promote one of your company new products ?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to do to get ready before the event ?

Well, I remembered organizing a shower party for a coworker, it is a daunting task.

I wish I have known about this event planer web site then : regonline.

So what is regonline ? Check this site out : event planning tool

It is a web site that help you to create great-looking event websites, with one click.

You might like to explore some of the features that they have here : Features, their pricing and some of the reviews that they have gotten.

You can also check out on some events that been organized using their products :
The Wounded Heart.
Nationwide Marketing Training Camp 2007.

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Jean, you are missed !

I was touched that one of my readers commented on Jean.

Jean passed away 3 months ago after she had an heart attack and followed by an UTI (urinary track infection).

This was Jean and his husband (Lee) 10 years ago.

Window Blinds

Are you the kind of person who does not care what kind of window blinds that you have in our home ?

I am not ! I do care about what kind of window blinds are in my home.

However, having said that, choosing the right kind of window blinds for different rooms and the right color's schemes can be a daunting task.

Have you heard about Terry's Fabrics ? Terry's Fabric provide a comprehensive range of Window Blinds. You can visit their site here : vertical blinds

Terry fabrics has been offering custom made window blinds many years. If you go to their web site , you notice they have a wide range of window blind selection : blinds

You can visit their window blinds on this link or you can copy and paste this url on your browser : http://www.terrysfabrics.co.uk/cat_blinds.php

I hope you will be able to find one or two of their window blinds products that suite your taste and provide the function that you expect from window blinds.

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Do you feel not being appreciated at times ?

We all feel that at times don't we ?

My 4 years old is my cheer leader. He told me something that brought some much tears to my eyes, (good tears :), though).

He said to me one night, : "Mama, you look so beautiful with this dress. You are a princess and papa is the prince.".

Whatever unappreciated moments that I felt, it just melt away :).

Some reasons why I feel so strongly about Alzheimer's.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My late mother in law had a very good friend when she went to graduate school. Both of them became librarian and they both love books a lot. They became such good friends that they often teased one another that when they grew old, they would take care of one another.

They got married and left North Carolina where both of them graduated from graduate school. But they visited one another very often. My husband remembered when he was young, he visited the lady home almost every summer.

After my mother in law passed on, she and her husband asked my father in law if she would consider moving to the state where they were living. My father in law did. Few years after my father in law moved to be near them, Jean (the lady name) was diagnosed with sign and syndrome of Alzheimer's.

I visited Jean and my father in law when I visited my then internet boyfriend who is now my husband of 7 years now. Jean was one of the most knowledgeable, well read women I had ever read.

She asked me about Anwar Ibrahim when we first met. Anwar Ibrahim was the deputy prime minister of Malaysia who were put in prison for some political reasons. I was a Malaysian then but I did not care much about politics. I felt so embarrassed that I had nothing to say about Anwar Ibrahim. After that incident, I learned to read some magazine before I visit Jean :). Magazine such as New Yorker, Times, the Economics and etc...

We visited Jean and my father in law every year after we got married. Jean's Alzheimer's condition gotten more and more serious each year.

Two years ago, Jean's Alzheimer's disease gotten so bad that she hardly remembered us. Almost every night she would go out of the house and throw the blanket on the yard telling us that it was a snake.

I felt so sad and hopeless about the disease because it is a disease that kill a person slowly and mercilessly.

Alzheimer's Association.

All of us should contribute to the awareness of Alzheimer's research. The Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk : Memory Walk is the nation's largest event to raise Alzheimer's and funds for Alzheimer care, suppport and research.

Visit this site and sign up as a team captain.

Alzheimer's Association

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Sarawak Istana

Do you know Borneo Island is the world 3rd largest island ?
Well, Sarawak is located on Borneo Island. It is the largest state of Sarawak and the city Kuching where I was born was colonized by British for quite a number of years.
The English man Rajah Brooks was our governor for a numbers of years and this was his house for many years.

The Istana

Dreaming of owning a mantel clock ?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In my father in law home, there was an interesting mantel clock that was left by his mother for him when she passed on. I had never stopped admiring that interesting antique mantel clock that was made in the 1920's.

Do you own a mantel clock ?

In case you don't own a mantel clock yet but was contemplating of owning one, you might want to check out this site which specialized on Mantel Clock , the site offers a comprehensive range of mantel clocks.

This bowshaped mantle clock is made from selected hardwoods and the veneers include a rich mahogany finish.

The four sided glass panels highlight the 14-day passing strike movement. The intricate plates are polished to a perfect shine as well as the brass pendulum. Roman numerals with metal filigree hands is an add value in terms of elegance and sophiscation.

This elegant mantle clock would sit impressively in your formal or informal living room or sitting room, on a side table or on top of a side cabinet or the mantle frame above your fireplace. It would also be a conversation piece in your study, library or home office or even your own office.

Alternately, this sophiscated looking Hermle Mantle clock would make a great gift for special occasions such as anniversaries, promotion, retirement or a bon voyage present. It would also be a perfect gift for a person who has almost everything money can buy!

The glass panels allow one to view the mechanical workings of a clock. This will give children as well as adults interested in clocks a good look at the fascinating internal mechanisms of a clock.

You might like to check out this blog on mantel clocks.

Don't forget to read the subprime loan collapse

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Subprime 101.

Thinking of going to Canada for a vacation ?

Have you always dream about the Canadian Rockies or see the Niagara Falls? Or do you want to visit beautiful Vancouver or visit French Canadian Quebec and visit Montreal or Toronto?

Think of Holidays to Canada ?

If so, why not talk to the specialist for your perfect Canadian holiday ? Check out
flights to Canada.

Call Dialaflight to speak to a travel consultant or visit the website at www.dialaflight.com.

They can plan your flights, book your hotels, book your car hire and supply all your other travel needs for your visit for you. Their travel consultants are trained to cater to your needs and to ensure that you will have a wonderful holiday if you book your Canadian holiday through them. And don't forget to check out flights to Canada.

They also offer cheap flights and special holiday offer packages.

Their flights to Canada include destinations such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Banff. Their holiday packages includes places like the Canadian Rockies in Calgary and the Niagara Falls in Quebec.

You can book your whole Canadian holiday through them or if you plan a relaxing holiday of your own, you can still look them up for their cheap flights they have on offer.

Why are you hesitating? Visit www.Dialaflight.com and check it out!

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Are you biased ?

Yes, I am. I think Indonesian ladies are the most beautiful ladies in the world.

What do you think ?

Webcam Camera Review

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Webcam Software

Webcams connected to PCs can act as web-accessible cameras with certain software; the software uploads pictures to an FTP server, from which they can be made accessible to anyone, over the web.

Usually, this kind of software is programmed to work with almost every webcam. This software can be configured in many ways, and will often include options for image size and quality, overlaying logos, and time stamping images.

Webcam Software website provides you with comprehensive information about independent third party reviews on Video Webcam Camera Review. On the site, you are able to find some very top rated Video Webcam Camera Ratings, Reviews and Comparisons of the Leading Video Webcam Camera tools. The site also included terms and definitions to enable you to better understand and pick the Video Webcam Camera.

Do you know what is FTP ?

Basically FTP is an abbreviation of File Transfer Protocol.

I am sure you would love how Ken put it all together in this post. FTP.

Enjoy !

Get by with a little help.

Friday, August 17, 2007

A few of my friends had gone through gastric by pass surgery to rectify their obesity problem. Before they chose the by pass procedure they had tried all kind of weight lost programs, diet programs and none of these programs seemed to work for them. So they resort to undergo gastric by pass procedure.

And I think that's the best route they had chosen to resolve their weight issue and get back to a better quality of life.

Gastric bypass can be performed using a laparoscope. This is a less-invasive technique.

Small incisions are made in your abdomen.

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding is a Laparoscopic procedure where surgeon perform the banding using a laparoscope through the small incisions. A band is being placed at the top of your stomach.

The band creates a small porch at your stomach and the porch 'fills' food very quickly and the brain is being 'fooled' that your stomach is 'full', this sensation of 'full' help you to eat less and therefore lose weight.

Well, have you heard of JourneyLite ? Well, they specialized in adjustable gastric banding.

lap band has a very comprehensive web site which educate you on all aspects of Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding which is also known as LAGB or the LAP-BAND® System procedure , in which the company is specialized.

If you know someone who is contemplating of gastric by pass procedure, I would highly recommend you to direct him/her to JourneyLite.

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Friday Tech Talk

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Do you forget to check out the Friday Tech Talk by Kuanhoong.

TechTalk - How to find inspiration for your blog posts.

Interracial Romance

My boy would be consider an interracial child because my husband is a white man and I am an Asian woman.

I often wonder would he be discriminated at school and the community at large. Would he be more inclined to find the kind of girl similar to his background, interracial ?

It is very interesting that I am writing this post about interracial dating : http://www.interracialromance.com because it hits my heart soft spot.

I am so glad that there is an internet site that caters for interracial dating. If you are looking for interracial date, you need to check out the site : interracial personals.

This site features only real single interracial men and women, who enjoy interracial relations with other men and women.

Don't forget to check my latest post on How I turn my blogs into ATM

Friday, August 10, 2007

I just written a post on my new seaykopitiam on How I turn my blog into ATM. You might like to read it and learn some of the lessons that I learned over my blogging journey.
HERE it is.


Well, everyone of us is looking for a soul mate in our life. But how many of us actually find our soul mate ? How long did we take to find one if we found one ? How long did we go through those lonely heartaches night wishing we have someone to share our funs, our pleasures, and our dreams.

I remember growing up I always dream of my white knight. I imagine him as someone who would rescue me from my ivory towel. A towel where I would not let many people goes in. I tried to find my soul mates in many places : social functions, blind dates, even church youth groups, but I had never found it. And believe it or not ? I found my soul mate through an internet match making site. So when it comes to internet dating, I am all for it.

http://www.fitnessdates.com - "fitness dating"

fitness dating

This site : fitnessdates is a very unique internet dating site because it caters for men and women who are interested in dating someone who cares about Fitness and Health.

You need to check it out yourself. HERE it is.

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Universal Market Trader

NetPicks Universal Market Trader Interactive Traing Course

Do you trade forex, futures or stocks ? I do , I started trading gold and silver stocks since five year ago. I believe in diversification. You work in your profession, you trade stocks, your buy real estates, and sooner than you think, you build yourself a wealthy retirement nest that you will never regret.

But, many people do not make money in their trading. It is not because you cannot make money trading, it is because they do not have a good trader tool.

Today, I want to bring to your attention on a trading training course which is presented in this blog called Universal Market Trader (UMT). It is an unique interactive training course. You need to check it you yourself. HERE !

Snowmobile Television

Thursday, August 09, 2007

snowmobile forum

SLEDTV is a media which specialized in bringing entertainment , information and education on topics such as hill climbing, ice racing, ditch banging and boondocking out West. There will also be new coverage on newest gear review, industry news, safety and survival, and also special event coverage. Besides there will be family oriented outings and snowmobile touring as well.

You can check out their site forum and get to know some of their members and see their latest picture gallery.

The site provide one of the most visual report of snow depths and if you are into snow sport, you sure do not want to miss that. So check this out.


What is starcraft ?


Starcraft is a PC game. It is a real-time strategy game in which players control any of three different species battling for domination.

The game consists of 3 races trying to control in space. The Zerg has began to take over the Terran colonies and the Protoss destroys anything that is begin overrun by the Zerg. The Terrans end up splitting into 2 factions. One trying to stop the Zerg and the other trying to control it. There are 6 campaigns in Starcraft and it's expansion pack Brood Wars.

Multiplayer mode is available online and there are also a variety of different game modes available.

Check it out Starcraft site and find out more about it. You got to like it and Starcraft 2 is available now.

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What is social networking media ?

I have just written a very informative post called social bookmarking or networking. You want to familiar with these terms if you are serious about blogging.
Go check the post out, here it is.

Latina Romance

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Are you a Latina seeking for romance or you know a Latina friend who are seeking for romance ? Look no further.

latina dating provides a whole lot of cool features for online dating. You can check with this link : http://www.latinaromance.com

Latina dating : latin singles is the premier latin dating site on the internet. You can search latina singles in any area for free .

This is one of the most popular sites for latin women and latin men who want to meet beautiful latin women or latin men online. Latin dating services and sites usually charge you too much and offer too little. This latina online dating site gives you everything you want for an online dating site.

If you are seriously consider latin romance you should check out the site.

Some of the features include : Send him a message, Send him a flirt, Block him from your searches and report this member. I think these features offer you some form of security if you choose not to involve with the person in a deeper level for whatever reason you have.

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A new dummies series on blogging.

You do not want to miss out a a new serious I have just started called Mid week series on dummies guides on blogging.

This is the link.

Check it out and I am sure you will be benefited from it.

San Francisco

San Francisco Sightseeing

San Francisco is a beautiful city and a romantic one too. You will never get tired of San Francisco because there are so many interesting places to see and so many interesting things to do.

I found a really cool tour which is called Trusted Tours that will bring you to see many interesting and beautiful San Francisco you do not want to miss.

These are some of them :

Alcatraz Discovery Lunch Cruise.

You do not want to miss Alcatraz when you visit San Francisco.
Alcatraz was once home to some America's most notorious criminals. You must have seen the movie "The Rock", starring Sean Connery & Nicolas Cage, the inmate (the only one escaped from The Rock) was needed by FBI to lead them to the island via the catacombs underneath it to neutralize the hostage situation :). The presence of infamous inmate like Al "Scarface" Capone, and the "Birdman" Robert Stroud established the island's notoriety. To this day, Alcatraz is best known as one of the world's most legendary prisons.

If you love this beautiful and romantic city, you don't want to miss San Francisco Sightseeing Deluxe City Tour, Monterey and Carmel 17 Mile Drive from San Francisco,San Francisco Deluxe City Tour with Muir Woods and Sausalito and many others which are listed on Trusted Tours web site.

And you don't want to miss the Chinatown Walking Tours of San Francisco, San Francisco Local Tastes of Chinatown, and San Francisco Tastes of Chinatown and North Beach at Night.

China town is a city within a city. It is a historic maze of mysterious sights, where an ancient culture from the other side of the world survives and flourishes with remarkable authenticity. Come and discover Chinatown with Trusted Tours !

So let Trusted Tours take you to the world most romantic and beautiful city, San Francisco !

This post is written with my friend Kuanhoong who is the blog owner of kuanhoong dot com in mind because he is going to visit San Francisco on October , 2007 for one of his Ph.D conference.

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Math Tutors

Math Tutors

Growing up , I have always been blessed with mathematical mind but not my sister. No matter how many times I couched my sister, she still could not get her simple algebra right . I wish we had something like SCORE! in the country where we used to live, Malaysia.

What is SCORE ? SCORE! Educational Centers (commonly SCORE!) provide one-on-one tutoring services for children in kindergarten through tenth grade. SCORE! offers materials in multiple subjects, including reading, math, spelling, language arts, science, keyboarding, and writing.

These are two of their Math tutoring program that offer you might like to look into it.

  • SCORE ! Advantage Program provides a fun, hands-on approach to problem solving. SCORE! tutors use step by step approach with your child complicated problem which make the problem easier to understand.
  • SCORE ! Personal Academic Tutoring program is a customized program that tailored for students who need to make rapid progress.
You might like to check out their Math Tutors section of their web site.

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Halloween the movie

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Halloween the movie

Rob Zombie is best known as founder, lead singer and songwriter for White Zombie. He is a musician, director and writer. In the recent years he has established himself as solo singer and branched into directing film.

Halloween is remake of the 1978 film of the same name. Rob zombie wrote, produced and directed Halloween and the film is scheduled to be release in the United States of America and Canada on August 31, 2007 and an October, 2007 release internationally. The film will star Malcolm McDowell, Tyler Mane, Brad Dourif, Danielle Harris and several others.

The film centers on Michael Myers, a troubled child who is institutionalized from
a young age after murdering his older sister.Everyone in the Myers' house was quite odd, but Michael was without any doubt the strangest.

On Halloween night, 10-year-old Michael savagely murdered his family, stabbing his elder sister Judith and beating his mother's boyfriend to death with a bat. He was committed to a psychiatric hospital, leaving behind the only person he ever loved and cared for: Laurie, his baby sister, and the only other survivor of the slaughter.

For years, Dr. Sam Loomis, a well-known psychiatrist, tried to cure him, eventually realizing that it was hopeless and that Michael was pure evil and nothing could be changed about it. Years later, Michael, now 27 years old, escapes and goes back home, back to Haddonfield, to Laurie - just in time for Halloween and on a murderous rampage.

Reports indicate that the film will not be a straight remake of the 1978 original, but rather an updated re-imagining.

While I was growing up, I love to watch horror movies , one which I love and yet scare was exorcist. Do you like horror movie ? If you do, I think you might want to watch Halloween the move !

Halloween the movie

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