Sarawak Istana

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Do you know Borneo Island is the world 3rd largest island ?
Well, Sarawak is located on Borneo Island. It is the largest state of Sarawak and the city Kuching where I was born was colonized by British for quite a number of years.
The English man Rajah Brooks was our governor for a numbers of years and this was his house for many years.

The Istana


Anonymous said...

hey Jamy: James Brooke became Governor of Sarawak on Sept. 24, 1841 but 11 months later, he was appointed Rajah by the Sultan of Brunei. He was only Governor for less than a year. Btw, that photo is not The Astana. That's the Square Tower. Built in 1879 as a fortress, but never fired a single shot in anger, unlike its wooden predecessor which was burnt down in 1857 gold miners’ rebellion. The Astana opposite of the River, was built by Rajah Charles Brooke for his wife Ranee Margaret as a wedding gift.

kayatan said...

Wow, thank you for your comment. It is such an useful history lesson. Thank you so very much.
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