My new gadget :)

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Do u like digital , electronics gadget ? Well, I do !!!!
Even though I am in my late 40's, but you have to remember I was one of the rare pioneer women who were into computer science early 80's. Just imagine that, some of you were not even born yet, and your Aunty here oleri programming in Fortran, machine language etc... Though I have changed career many times over the last 20yrs, software gadget is still one of my loves :)-.

Ok, today I want to tell you about Kontera contentlink. What is Kontera ? Explanation from their site :"A contextually relevant keyword that is discovered in real-time on a web page from within Kontera´s vast network of publishers, and is automatically turned into a link to the most relevant ad from among Kontera´s thousands of advertisers. " As far as I am concern, I just love the small pop-up window when you see the link. And if you notice the link is double underline. How cool is that ?

I have to thank Kuanhong for introduce me that. For those of you who wanted to make some side income from your blog, you have to visit Kuanhoong site. It is amazing, so much info and it is for free !

A new blog wave is now live and is looking for bloggers. You might like to register with them and started a part time income. I came across bloggerwave from Wuching blog. I have not made any money from payperpost but I have already gotten my 1st pay check from bloggerwave. I really think you should try bloggerwave because it is a new start up and I am sure they are more friendly to blogger to get their business going. Once they get big, they might become snob but mean time I think they are still humble :)-.


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Internation search enginne

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Have you ever wonder what is life about ? We were born, we grew up and we grew old ?

What is life to you ? Sweet, sour, bitter ???

What matter most in your life ? Family, $$$, status, health or yourself ?

My life is full of adventures. There were many sweet memories, there were also many bitter memories. There are many people whom I would like to stay away , there are many people who have made beautiful footprint in my life and they are forever treasured in my memories. I have lived in several countries, many of them left me with good memories, other left me with horrors. I had been rich and had been poor. I had been loved by many and also had been hurt by many.

Over the years I have been to many places, countries and have taken many pictures. Only with computer and digital cameras have I noticed I have taken so many pictures and many of them are pretty nice. And through these pictures, I realized life is written in these pictures. Spring, summer, fall, winter and these seasons and life is so much alike.
If you have been in my blog for a while, please take some time to write some of your thoughts about life. Doubts, laments, sufferings, enjoyment etc... No comments are too long for me. As long as you write it from the bottom of your heart, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The seasons of life...





When I was young.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I was young once ok, my young reader.

I ventured, I wondered,I explored ; and I ended in America from Kuching :):)-. [see how slim i was , ha ha ha ha, believe me lah, that was me when I was 30yrs old ok.]



I miss these

Monday, May 28, 2007

Travel with me to French Square, New Orleans

You have to admit that you love my blog because of all the photos and places I show off. Here I am taking you to the heart of New Orleans - The French Quarter. And don't forget the famous sinful Baurbon street I bet my collections of photos is any time better than KennySia, ha ha ha ha. Go get your self a slide show @

Enjoy !

I love Forida

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I once read comments from people about they don't like Florida because there are a lot of immigrants and they are bad people, people are rude etc... I wanted to laugh because these people who comments are immigrant themselves. You often wonder if these people do not have brain (or their brain is like pea size) or they think they are higher class immigrants. Just because a place has a lot of immigrants means that place is not nice and there are a lot of bad people ? These small peas brain people forgotten that America the place they stay is immigrant place ? And these people might not even know Florida well to even make such comments. They probably did not know that the Northern part of Florida is so 'ulu' that it might not attract the recent immigrants.

The Southern part is very congested with a lot of new immigrants such as Cubans, Mexicans and etc. The Northern part is the 'red neck' area. And I bet these pea brain people did not know the Emerald coast is know as the Redneck Riviera. When these pea brain people talk about the Florida they know, they probably refer to the Southern part where there are a lot of recent immigrants.

A lot of people like to stereotype ! Comments like all Muslims are terrorists, all Hongkee are loud, all Sarawakians don't know how to speak Malay well, all Americans are bossy, all Cina are money face are all stereotype comments !

How many of us look at each individual as an unique creation of God ? or we look at them as Cina, Angmo , or Negro ? I can proudly say I look at a person as an individual human being. I have good friends who are Sikh Indians, who are 12years older than me, who are 12 years younger than me.

Ok, I finish my rant, enjoy these plants that are unique of Florida :

Jasmine tree - the smell of Jasmine is so beautiful, it can refresh your soul and mind, especially in the early morning when it is cool and windy :). The flowers are tiny and white.

This is 'mei lien chiew' , Florida palm :). See how tall it gets :)

Guess what are that 2 white stuff as a welcome ornament of the hse ?

Left over

What do you do with left over ?
We went to a restaurant to have dinner last night. I was upset that I forgot to bring my camera because it was a historical quant town.
We have some left over hamburger, French fries and a whole bowl of Chilli.
I fried some onion with tomatto and added some bacon bits and cheese and put it into the microwave for 2 mins ; and added some okra to the chilli and wola, these are the results :

From these to these :)-

And we go picnic after church service with mama antics wicker basket :):) [just like when I was young playing 'bok bok' :):)]

The English way :):):

The American way, paper plates and plastic spoons/forks and the buba coke :):)

I kena tagged

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I kenna tagged by Criz Lai. I am blur blur with tag. But, I try my best :)-.
I think what he want me to do is write a blog entry about worship food as God.
Aiyo, cilaka, how can ? God provide us with food, how to worship food leh ?

Anyway, I like to cook anything that is simple, does not require a lot of times to prepare. I am very fortunate lah, I marry a husband who is very 'chin chai' with food,everything I cook, he eats lah.

I bought a self-clean oven from Lowes last year, so I like bake more than any other mode of cooking, becoz ? simple lah,I don't have to clean a lot after I cook lah :):). Oven self clean lah.

This is what I cook this morning for our lunch ? Frittata. It is one of the easiest foods you could made. My modified version is bread base. I cubed the whole grain bread as the base and used the left over ingredients that I had from my Alfredo Fettucinie.

I love Salmon; I baked salmon with Rosemary and themes a lot.

Then of course living in the South, you cannot avoid Chilli. Chilli is basically ground turkey or beef with beans, spaghetti sauce.

Since we live in Florida, there are plenty of seafood. I love to cook mussels with lots of herbs :)-

And of course, not forgetting prawn, we have plenty here. I love to cook leek with prawn :)-.

To wrap up, of course, I cannot leave out our Southerner style fried chicken. It is licky good !

Ha ha ha, now my turn to tag people liaw :):).

The following person I like to tag about their favorite food !

Bee Ean
Color me crazy

I make some money today

It has been a long time since I wanted to get ride of these 2 items. Finally I get ride of them today.
Yard sale or garage sale is very popular in America. Someone junks is other treasures. You can find yard sales on Saturday in most cities and suburbs in America. It is one way of getting ride of your junks and make some $.

We bought this small fridge when JJ was born. I store his milk bottle in this fridge in his room so I don't have to go to our kitchen to get it. We bought the fan because we saw one of our neighbor has it. But, it has not been used and I don't see us using it. So, I took these 2 items out about 10am this morning. I sold it in 1/2 hr times later. A neighbor bought it from us for $50 for the 2 items. She got a good deal because the fridge was $80 and the fan was $29. But, I am glad that I made $50 out of them :)-.

Friday night & married woman

Friday, May 25, 2007

When I was single, I used to work out the gym with my cousin sister on Friday evening. After the work out, we would go out for dinner and follow with our coffee and cake session in either Hilton, Holiday Inn or Merdeka Palace hotel' restaurant or cafe.

Now after work out I go home and cook :). My husband and I go work out together and we leave JJ in the club play group. It is YMCA club, very family and community oriented club. I personally like it better than Kuching's Sarawak club. I hate Sarawak club because that is where the snobs gather ! I still cannot figure out why people are so proud to be colonials ? So proud of a past colony of British ? Having live in US for a while, I really appreciate the American casual than the rigid Brits. Aiyo, to go into the club restaurant, u have to wear shoe, not slippers, apa ini ? These British people so asy one , Malaysia so hot lah, not England lah. Here in the US, even the government office personnel wear shots/t-shirts to go to work. My professors wear 3 quarter pants when they lecture.

I cannot stand people who have such a stupid colonial mentality ! Only those who are Western educated, who speaks English and work for the government (those colonial times where government servants are mostly British trained etc...) are eligible for membership.

That is why I never like Kuching's Sarawak club, very pretentious atmosphere, u got to speak good English, u got to be someone who is rich and higher in the society level. Me coming from Chinese school, don't like the snob Sarawak club post colonial mentality. White is better, angmo is more clever... Even white people 'pe' also 'sang', stupid. [ U wonder why I married angmo ? Aiya, love lah, u think what ?].

But here, the YMCA cater for middle class family who live around the neighborhood.

Anyway, forget my rant, this is what I cook, alfredo fettucinie.

I used the left over bake chicken that I have :). A packet of baby balle mushroom, brocolli, stuff olive, morzerrella cheese (an important ingredient), milk and heavy cream.

Because I cook a lot, I like to have a lot of kitchen helpers such as garlic that has been minced, herbs that are common ingredient in most dishes such as oregano, basil flakes and Italian spice mix (which has lots of rosemary). These are handy kitchen helpers that I can't live out. I don't think I have the energy to chop garlic every time I cook. Remember I cook 6-7 days, 3 meals a day :).

Alfredo sauce needs lots of morzerrella cheese and pamersen cheese. Look at the cheese :)

Final product !

The story of a married woman @ Friday nite after work out in the gym !

(I was very inspired by Criz Lai fettucinie, so I tell myself has to make it lah :).

You know your child has grown...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

When he said :" Mama, it is not Wal-Mar, it is Wal-Mart with a 't'.". You wonder where has the times gone ?

From this

to this :

and to this : (and soon you know he is going to write zwetopinion :):):)

Romance (I).

After j.t reminder on l.p blog's comment, I thought I might start blogging down all my miscarriage romances, ha ha ha ha.

I think I am going to do it with year chronicle order :)

My 1st love :

I remember it was in primary 1. ( my reader is going to scream, what primary 1, something wrong kah ? so young eh, oleri know love ? :), ha ha ha. I knew I was in love the first sight I laid on him. He is those kind of Chinese boy with girlie look, he looks Caucasian , big eyes, straight nose and a thin lip; and tall and dark. The form teacher appointed him to be the class monitor. (see even the teacher notices this boy has potential , ha ha , it would be easier for young girls to cooperate with handsome boy :):):). Our form teacher assigned us to clean the small pathway around the 'longkau' area at the back of the classroom. I was so thrilled when I knew I am scheduled to be with him every Wednesday afternoon after class. My heart would beat so fast when I knew he was standing next to me sweeping the pathway around the 'longkau'.

I was so heart broken the 1st day in my primary 2 class when I did not see him in my class. Chinese school in KCH then has a very 'kiasu' system', good students were assigned to 'A' class otherwise 'B' etc... Good students meant you get A in Chinese, A in maths etc...

We have 10 classes in primary 2. I remembered he was in 'F' class. His class room was at the end of the hall way. Everyday my brightest moment was when he walked pass my class to get to his classroom. I did not think he even notice my glance or glare. But I always tell myself he smiled to me and that's enough :):).

We shall continue to (II) when times permit :)-

Guys are guys !

After reading Zewt entry abt liverfools, I can't help laughing but start an entry abt guys and ball sports. There are very few guys I knew who is not interested in ball sports :)-. One of the 'die hard' non ball sports is my dearest father in law. The guy does not understand why bother to chase after 1 ball, why not put a couple more balls in the field. I thought that is funny of him to say that cos that is the whole reason abt ball game, 1 ball and lot of silly guys chasing after that 1 ball.

My dad was a die hard bolla sepak guy, he followed our local foot ball game religiously. It was a joke among the family that one day dad met my brother while squeezing in the small doggy hole of the football field pagar (fence) :):). Both father and son squeeze their body through the doggy hole to get in the foot ball game cos there's too many people and the stadium was full. The people locked the gate of the stadium , but still a lot of fans still managed to squeeze into the stadium through that doggy hole. Can u believe what man can do for their foot ball game ?

Well, one yr while Liverpool was playing Manchester, my mom was in Aust visiting us leaving my 'die hard' football fan dad at home. He was so into the football game that he did not realized that a few burglars broke into our home ; took away his Rolex watch and a few of our furnitures while he was cheering for his Manchester guys :):).

My brother is a 'mancho' kind of guy, he played football, swim (represent his school), he played sepak takraw etc... So, it is nothing amazing that this guy is a football mania. But to know that my gentle quiet librarian husband is a die hard football fan is totally unexpected.

College and professional football is a big biz here. We live in a city where most biz revolved around the university cos it is the largest state university in the S.E. The gator is the mascort of the football team for university of Florida ; and the Gator is also the mascort of the University of Florida. Every where u can find this 'bouya' status all over the town.

So, you can imagine the frenzie atmosphere here last year, when Gator won the national championship both in football and basketball.

My husband is a 'closet die hard' Tennessee fan. He spent most his growing up years in Tennessee but now he works for UF and live in gator town where supporting other team is a sin or make fun with, so the poor guys has to live in the closet to be a die hard Tennessee fan.

The guy also make it a point that we have to go to every college football stadium on our traveling trip.

Last year summer we took a long road trip that covered quite a number of state, Mississippi, Louisiana , Alabama, and Texas. We mesti has to visit both football stadium, FSU (Lousiana state uni) and UTA (uni of texas at Austin). Everyone of these teams has a mascort, FSU is the tiger and UTA is the longhorn (bull).

The guy just has to post :) [fsu]

UTA (uni of texas austin)

The stadium