Unsual scenes

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

For those of you who are my blog kaki would probably knew from the number of pictures I posted that I love to travel.
I like to take pictures of strange or unusual scenery, even if that mean making a U turn back or going back to the previous exit of an highway. [I have a very kind hearted husband and patience too, who can take the crabs from me :)].

When I see this guitar, I thought to myself, only in America :):)

And when I saw these 4 ladies walking down the street at Biloxi city @ Mississippi, I thought wow, how cool can it be to find 4 Asians ladies walking down the street in the deep south. Where were they from ? How long have they been in the US ? Are they lonely here, imagine Biloxi, Mississippi, I bet most of you have not even heard of the name ?
Well, if you know much about Katrina hurricane, Biloxi was one of the cities that was very badly affected.

The bridge was out when we were there. It was terrible, terrible, terrible.

I thought this is one big cactus, we took this picture in the Aloma in St. Antonio, Texas.

Isn't it wonderful to blog, your own space, you can write whatever you want and you can make friends from all over the world. I used to be very active in certain forums, not anymore. With forum, if u write something from the deepest of yr heart, there are going to be some people who don't like it and hatam you left right center. And if you want to bring up certain issues you feel strongly about it, not everyone will see eyes to eyes with you. I bet there are a lot of people who don't like me but still come and spy on my blog. But, I still welcome you to my kopitiam :)-.


Tunku Halim said...

Thanks for dropping by. I saw the movie Biloxi Blues so I've heard of it. And again after Katrina. Maybe I'll visit someday :):)

Wuching said...

why were those ladies wearing white hard hats ah? sked cocnuts will start dropping from the sky issit?

CRIZ LAI said...

unsual or unusual scenes? :P

I agreed on the last part. If only everyone have the same view or even compromise on certain views, the world will be more peaceful.

I just experience a bad one recently. What was meant to be a joke ended up as war of the mouth. If only you could see how bad the respond was, you will get a scare out of your life.

Someone has got to put a stop to it before it got worst. I took the initiative to apologize first as I am not a person who like to find fault with others. :)

ColourMeCrazy said...

Me too - I've heard of Biloxi because of the movie Biloxi Blues. I've never been to Mississippi but would love to one day!

J.T. said...

Someone told me that when you write from your heart, you cannot go wrong. You stand by what you say because it is yours and original. If you get negative or positive comments, it is because you affected them in some way. That means, you 'woke' someone up from his/her slumber.
So, enjoy your blog, as I am doing with mine. Share your thoughts. :)

Bee Ean Tee said...

haha Jamy you really think people are spying your blog? If they come back that means they like your blog no?

kayatan said...

Hi Thank you for dropping by, Prince Halim :):):)-.

Wuching, I think these ladies worked in the construction site ? I remembered my bro who is an architect wear that kind of hat a lot ? But, don't take my words for it, I only guessing .

Aiyo, Mr Lai, unusual lah, my eyesight is giving away. U really have very good attitude, u know, for a young man. I love it !

Hi my twin JT, thank you for the encouragement. I love you, kawan !

BE, I just joking lah. If u read 5xmom, she said something really hit it on the head :):). Visit her blog, u know what I mean, similiar along the line :):)

kayatan said...

Seriously, unless u are interested in the Southern history, cultures etc, there is not much to see in Biloxi, except their floating casinos which many of them are destroyed by Hurricane.

But, again, different people have different taste.

I was bored to tear when I took a building tour when I was in Washington, DC. The tour guide brought us to all kind of landmark buildings and explained tous abt the building history. I nearly fall down from the stairs because I was so bored that I actually fall asleep. Everyone was sitting at the staircase listening tentatively abt the building history. But if u know me, I do all kind of weird thing, like falling asleep while dancing with my blind date, so it is not a new thing that I fall asleep during the building tour, ha ha ha ha ha .

My spouse loves to go to small quant towns (we seldom go to tourist spots), my love for small quant town grew more after our yrs of traveling the last 7 yrs.

Let me know if u guys want any tips when u guys travel here, I will be most willing to give u pointers.

Cheers !

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