Guys are guys !

Thursday, May 24, 2007

After reading Zewt entry abt liverfools, I can't help laughing but start an entry abt guys and ball sports. There are very few guys I knew who is not interested in ball sports :)-. One of the 'die hard' non ball sports is my dearest father in law. The guy does not understand why bother to chase after 1 ball, why not put a couple more balls in the field. I thought that is funny of him to say that cos that is the whole reason abt ball game, 1 ball and lot of silly guys chasing after that 1 ball.

My dad was a die hard bolla sepak guy, he followed our local foot ball game religiously. It was a joke among the family that one day dad met my brother while squeezing in the small doggy hole of the football field pagar (fence) :):). Both father and son squeeze their body through the doggy hole to get in the foot ball game cos there's too many people and the stadium was full. The people locked the gate of the stadium , but still a lot of fans still managed to squeeze into the stadium through that doggy hole. Can u believe what man can do for their foot ball game ?

Well, one yr while Liverpool was playing Manchester, my mom was in Aust visiting us leaving my 'die hard' football fan dad at home. He was so into the football game that he did not realized that a few burglars broke into our home ; took away his Rolex watch and a few of our furnitures while he was cheering for his Manchester guys :):).

My brother is a 'mancho' kind of guy, he played football, swim (represent his school), he played sepak takraw etc... So, it is nothing amazing that this guy is a football mania. But to know that my gentle quiet librarian husband is a die hard football fan is totally unexpected.

College and professional football is a big biz here. We live in a city where most biz revolved around the university cos it is the largest state university in the S.E. The gator is the mascort of the football team for university of Florida ; and the Gator is also the mascort of the University of Florida. Every where u can find this 'bouya' status all over the town.

So, you can imagine the frenzie atmosphere here last year, when Gator won the national championship both in football and basketball.

My husband is a 'closet die hard' Tennessee fan. He spent most his growing up years in Tennessee but now he works for UF and live in gator town where supporting other team is a sin or make fun with, so the poor guys has to live in the closet to be a die hard Tennessee fan.

The guy also make it a point that we have to go to every college football stadium on our traveling trip.

Last year summer we took a long road trip that covered quite a number of state, Mississippi, Louisiana , Alabama, and Texas. We mesti has to visit both football stadium, FSU (Lousiana state uni) and UTA (uni of texas at Austin). Everyone of these teams has a mascort, FSU is the tiger and UTA is the longhorn (bull).

The guy just has to post :) [fsu]

UTA (uni of texas austin)

The stadium