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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I once read comments from people about they don't like Florida because there are a lot of immigrants and they are bad people, people are rude etc... I wanted to laugh because these people who comments are immigrant themselves. You often wonder if these people do not have brain (or their brain is like pea size) or they think they are higher class immigrants. Just because a place has a lot of immigrants means that place is not nice and there are a lot of bad people ? These small peas brain people forgotten that America the place they stay is immigrant place ? And these people might not even know Florida well to even make such comments. They probably did not know that the Northern part of Florida is so 'ulu' that it might not attract the recent immigrants.

The Southern part is very congested with a lot of new immigrants such as Cubans, Mexicans and etc. The Northern part is the 'red neck' area. And I bet these pea brain people did not know the Emerald coast is know as the Redneck Riviera. When these pea brain people talk about the Florida they know, they probably refer to the Southern part where there are a lot of recent immigrants.

A lot of people like to stereotype ! Comments like all Muslims are terrorists, all Hongkee are loud, all Sarawakians don't know how to speak Malay well, all Americans are bossy, all Cina are money face are all stereotype comments !

How many of us look at each individual as an unique creation of God ? or we look at them as Cina, Angmo , or Negro ? I can proudly say I look at a person as an individual human being. I have good friends who are Sikh Indians, who are 12years older than me, who are 12 years younger than me.

Ok, I finish my rant, enjoy these plants that are unique of Florida :

Jasmine tree - the smell of Jasmine is so beautiful, it can refresh your soul and mind, especially in the early morning when it is cool and windy :). The flowers are tiny and white.

This is 'mei lien chiew' , Florida palm :). See how tall it gets :)

Guess what are that 2 white stuff as a welcome ornament of the hse ?


Wuching said...

the mei lien chiew are cannas right? dunno what those 2 sentries guarding your entrance are..

kayatan said...

Wuching, I will let more people guess before I say out
What is cannas ?

blur_mommy said...

Is that like the skull of some sort of animal???

kayatan said...

Yes, it is some sort of animal skull ! What animal is that ? :):):)
Hi blur_mommy, thanks for dropping by, I love yr blog and has visited a few times :)-

blur_mommy said...

Hmmm.... I think it's cow???? Not sureleh....... Thanks for visiting my blog! Ur blog's very interesting too. I've just link u : )

kayatan said...

Thank you blur_mommy :)-