Only in America.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

We went for a ride in the country for makan angin. I asked my husband to turn around cos I thought to myself am I seeing something unreal ? He did ; and I came down from the car to take these pictures. The shop is along a country highway, it was closed, no one around, the ' open' sign is off, there is no gate, no lock but the fruits are all outside of the shop. I wonder where would those fruits be if the shop is in Malaysia ? :)- You tell me ?


Wuching said...

country folks are honest, its like that here in australia also...but i dunno about malaysia tho!

zewt said...

if it's in malaysia... well, you wont be seeing fruits when you drove past that shop...

John said...

Nice idea for a photo:)

kayatan said...


when I was in Aust many moons back, we used to go to our pastor wife's family at a small country town at NSW and Victoria boarder. It is like our church youth fellowship annual winter retreat :). There were abt 30-35of us. We used to go down in abt 5-7 cars. The family own a big farm there. Most of the times we got there it's abt 3am or 4am. The family would leave the gate/door open. When we all got there, we would opened door and drop dead cos very tired , long journey.

Now, my family live in a mid city in US, abt 120k pop. (a university city), we still can leave our screen-in porch (kind of like sunroom, we sometimes call Florida room cos we have lots of sun here :)) door open. We leave a bible, some magazines, and some candy for people who like to visit or sit at our porch :). UPS man would drop our parcel in the porch.
Sometimes I left my keys at my door, my neighors would knock on the door and remind me I forgotten to lock my door :). So, some part of US which is not so country still ok.

Ha ha Zewt, u are honest abt it. I thought so too cos the 1st person would be my mom to get the free fruit, ha ha ha ha ha, then all her Tai chi kawan :)-.

John, thank you for dropping by :)-.