You know your child has grown...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

When he said :" Mama, it is not Wal-Mar, it is Wal-Mart with a 't'.". You wonder where has the times gone ?

From this

to this :

and to this : (and soon you know he is going to write zwetopinion :):):)


Bee Ean Tee said...

yeah Jamy you boy grows fast. But I notice some kids who cry all the times and is annoying and they grow so slowly bcos now when I see them they are still crying and annoying.

zewt said...

ahh... i see that you've really set it out as a pop out window already... bravo!

it's zewtpinion... or was that done on purpose...?

kayatan said...

Yes, I did that. It is done on purpose :):)-

kayatan said...

BE, I know what u mean.

JJ is very ahead in certain areas but very compensated in the others.
He not only know how to read A...Z but he can read it reverse, which is not common for toddlers ate his age.

But, he is very slow in potty training and eating on his own.
He has a very pleasant personality, he is cheerful, outgoing (say hello to anyone, he would go up to a 18yrs old guy and said 'Hi guy'" and very easy to get along. We often laughed and said he is a good candidate for a politician.

I think kids grow up in America are more exposed, more independent and mature earlier than their counter parts say in Asia.

When I brought him to my hair dresser when I was in Kuching. He sat on the chair by himself and read a lady magazine I gave him. Then there is a Chinese boy (abt his age) who keep holding at his mom hand and would not let go.

JJ said 'Hello, my name is JJ, what is yrs ?'. The boy stared at him, did not respond, then cling on his mommy and cried.

I am very blessed with his growth, maturity and intellect. He seems to maturing into his childhood very well.

I am not sure how much genes, his surroundings, us parents play the part in his growth and maturity.

CRIZ LAI said...

Yea...I agreed on the growing up part. Maybe it's the Asian culture that made children in this region so dependent on their parents.

Some children who grew up in European countries tend to be more independent. It's the culture there. They are more exposed to the real life situations there.

Asians tend to be over conservative due to the culture, rituals, taboo and whatever you named it, thus they will obstruct to changes. In the end, there will be no room for improvements.

Gosh...I sounded like I'm married with a dozen kids which I am not :P

kayatan said...

Criz, U know I don't believe that everything in the Western world is good.

So the way I bring up my child is a combination of East & West. Embrase the best of the 2 cultures.

There is one very thing I don't let Western value clusters my Eastern values. That is my baby sleep with me all the times. The West believes that we should put our baby in the baby room and if he/she cries let them cries, just go near his/her room, this way, he/she will be independent when he/she grows up. I think that is a lot of crabs.

I personally believe which is double enforced by my Hispanic pediatrics that the first 3 years of our kid life has a lot to do with his future characters, personalities. He said when a baby feel secure, they feel love and they will grow up to be a happy contented adult. With mother body warm with them when they sleep, they feel secure like when they are in their mommy womb. I believe that wholeheartily.

Have you seen babies, toddlers or children without smiles every of his/her photos ? Yes, I seen a lot. I am not sure if the parents have a lot to do with that. (eg. if their parents do not smile, might be the children will not be smiling happy children).

Though I instill a 'boleh' spirit in my boy but I am a very disciplinary and conservative mother, so is my husband.

We want our boy to live with us as long as he wants (not the 18 yrs old out of the hse kind of American practice:):). My husband comes from a conservative Southerner home. He stayed with his parents till his 30's, until he has to relocate for job. We like to instill that kind of family value to our boy.

He call all my kuching gfs 'Yee Yee' and male friends 'uncle'.
We still has the man sit at the head table and children no talking on the dinning table rule :):).

Because both my husband and me are Christian, so we instill our Christian values on him. However, I also instill a lot of Chinese value to me (eg. the respect elderly from Kung Fu Tze teaching.)

Bee Ean Tee said...


I once asked my hubby why the kids want to leave their parents so early. He told me that bcos they want to have their own personal space ie bring friends home and stay up all night. Another important point is to bring girlfriend home and stay overnight haha. I have never thought of that point :-)

Yes kids here are more independent but some of them are quite mean. They yell at their parents ask them why they give birth to them, complaint about not having dinner on time...which always amaze me.

John said...

I think kids need to be taught from young.
They need to learn about gratitute !