I make some money today

Saturday, May 26, 2007

It has been a long time since I wanted to get ride of these 2 items. Finally I get ride of them today.
Yard sale or garage sale is very popular in America. Someone junks is other treasures. You can find yard sales on Saturday in most cities and suburbs in America. It is one way of getting ride of your junks and make some $.

We bought this small fridge when JJ was born. I store his milk bottle in this fridge in his room so I don't have to go to our kitchen to get it. We bought the fan because we saw one of our neighbor has it. But, it has not been used and I don't see us using it. So, I took these 2 items out about 10am this morning. I sold it in 1/2 hr times later. A neighbor bought it from us for $50 for the 2 items. She got a good deal because the fridge was $80 and the fan was $29. But, I am glad that I made $50 out of them :)-.