The famous five

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I am not sure about you but when we were young (me and my 2 younger siblings), we love the famous five by Enid Blyton; Five on a Treasure Island, The secret seven etc...
We used to talk about our own tree house so much, we dreamed about it too. My brother did make a small tree house in a small tree near the empty land near our home
Last year when I saw this tree house, I was nearly in tears. I wished my siblings were here with me. My husband enjoyed the tree hous
e as much as our son :)-.

What are some of your sweat childhood memories ?


Wuching said...

woah! thats a huge tree house! the ones we used to have were really crappy homemade ones! nothing likt the luxury you have in that one! hehehe

Bee Ean Tee said...

My sweet memory during childhood is to climb up to the neighbore's guava tree and pick up the nicest guavas. Another one is when Chinese New Year was around the corner my mother and some neighbores would bake kueh tapeh and my job was to fold the kueh and got to eat while folding.

kayatan said...

Hi Thank you for your feedback.
Yes, Wuching, it is a big tree house. Wait till u see the owner hse and the amt of land it sit on, but u know lah, in US, everything is big one lah.
U can actually buy a tree house pattern from store and follow the instruction and build the hse :)-.

Wow, BE, I love the eating and folding part.
I miss guavas. My American husband love guavas a lot, esp the guava juice. I have a friend in Kch who owns a guava farm.

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