Jamban stories

Monday, May 14, 2007

My blog friend Wuching wrote an interesting blog on jamban. After I read it, I thought I will post 2 pics on a jamban that I have taken over our trips.

Have a guess and see if you know where were these jamban photos taken ?
If u guess it right, let me know your address, I will send you a Disney ticket (1day) for one.


Wuching said...

aiyo this one ladies jamban which i've never been in so how to guess? if i have to then i'm guessing its in kuching?

kayatan said...

u wrong lah wuching. I will let u know where there are more people guess, ok :):):)

cooknengr said...

Looking at the pad lock and the flushing mechanism, this is somewhere in America. It's a lady's jamban, since there is a bin for Kotex, the rust on the TP keeper gave it away as it's at the beach. Then of course 8 out of 10 Chinese restaurant in L.A looks exact or even worse than this, so this can be at Chinese restaurant.

kayatan said...

Eddie, u are right in the sense that it is in America but where in America ? No, it is not in a Chinese restaurant, he he he.

Bee Ean Tee said...

It's in the hospital you are working.

ColourMeCrazy said...

Jamban in a school?

kayatan said...

No, I will not lie to y'all but I will keep it for a while until I get a bit more answers.
It is not in Chinese restaurant, neither school or hospital.
Ok, these are hints.
a. what is my favorite hobby beside investing.
b. what are the more under develop state in the US.
These 2 will give u some hints.
But, those of you who has guess does not have 2nd chance, sorry.

kayatan said...

Ok lah, no need wait for so many people lah.
Answer is : Louisiana visitor information center

Bee Ean Tee said...

Gosh Jamy,

Once you gave out the two tips I was going to say Louisiana, but won't have guessed that it was in the tourist information center.

zewt said...

how can this be in kuching... must be somewhere in america la... haha!

kayatan said...

They are old but sparkling clean jamban leh, not like the ones in kch leh, aiyo, u dare not even to step foot in leh :)- "how can this be in kuching... must be somewhere in america la... haha!"

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