I kena tagged

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I kenna tagged by Criz Lai. I am blur blur with tag. But, I try my best :)-.
I think what he want me to do is write a blog entry about worship food as God.
Aiyo, cilaka, how can ? God provide us with food, how to worship food leh ?

Anyway, I like to cook anything that is simple, does not require a lot of times to prepare. I am very fortunate lah, I marry a husband who is very 'chin chai' with food,everything I cook, he eats lah.

I bought a self-clean oven from Lowes last year, so I like bake more than any other mode of cooking, becoz ? simple lah,I don't have to clean a lot after I cook lah :):). Oven self clean lah.

This is what I cook this morning for our lunch ? Frittata. It is one of the easiest foods you could made. My modified version is bread base. I cubed the whole grain bread as the base and used the left over ingredients that I had from my Alfredo Fettucinie.

I love Salmon; I baked salmon with Rosemary and themes a lot.

Then of course living in the South, you cannot avoid Chilli. Chilli is basically ground turkey or beef with beans, spaghetti sauce.

Since we live in Florida, there are plenty of seafood. I love to cook mussels with lots of herbs :)-

And of course, not forgetting prawn, we have plenty here. I love to cook leek with prawn :)-.

To wrap up, of course, I cannot leave out our Southerner style fried chicken. It is licky good !

Ha ha ha, now my turn to tag people liaw :):).

The following person I like to tag about their favorite food !

Bee Ean
Color me crazy


Wuching said...

ah neh ho jiak! lau nua!

PapaJoneh said...

man, its so hard to comment here. I have been trying to comment since 2 days ago but just cannot. thats the problem of blogger.com.
anyway, just wanna thanks for the comment u made at my blog. Jamy aka kayatan(criz's), you got a very good skill at cooking. today on sunday, i'm working and stucked in the office and so damn hungry especially after looking at your food pictures. geeez. can any other food look better than this. Now i am really hungry at 1pm M'sian time now. I got to stop now..run to the nearest restaurant. kekeke.

Bee Ean Tee said...


My favorite is a big topic to post. Give me some times, let me play with my puzzle first.

John said...

Wuching, a, use tissue ok :)
BE, wow, u are into puzzle eh. Give me yr address @ my email. I am sending yr magnet this wk.
papajoneh, don't work so hard ok :):).Sorry u cannot comment. call me jamy , I use kayatan cos my 1st blog was investment, so want to be kaya lah :):)
Thks for droppping :)-

CRIZ LAI said...

Nice food you have cooked there. Now you are tempting me...hehe. Recipe? Where's the recipe? :P

By the way, I think you misunderstood the tag. You are suppose to copy the list and add your name after mine to keep the linking process ongoing. It's supposed to be a place where you had the best food :)

Anyway, you have done it so forget about it.

zewt said...

of all... i think i wanna try that mussels dish the most.

ColourMeCrazy said...

Hello! Just saw your tag! Will get right to it!

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