Travel with me to French Square, New Orleans

Monday, May 28, 2007

You have to admit that you love my blog because of all the photos and places I show off. Here I am taking you to the heart of New Orleans - The French Quarter. And don't forget the famous sinful Baurbon street I bet my collections of photos is any time better than KennySia, ha ha ha ha. Go get your self a slide show @

Enjoy !


Wuching said...

nice slides!

J.T. said...

Been to New Orleans but not in Bourbon Street. Some day, JT, some day. :)

kayatan said...

Wuching, Thank you.
Jt. the whole French square (including Bourbon st.) is very bohemia :)-

Bee Ean Tee said...

Jamy, did you do the Mardi Gras thingy there? Where guys offer beads and women show their tits? Hehe I had some collections of those and I will post one day.

kayatan said...

No BE, while we were there, it's very quiet, after Katrina and it was very hot humid summer.

Biz was so slow and it was quite unlike of French square, that is why we got to stay in a very upscale bed and breakfast Inn for only $49 a nite where in the past it was in the range of $450+. We were amazed cos they even offer ballet parking, and even carry our bag to our room plus free French style breakfast.

While we were there, it was very unhappening, very few patrons in the bars and pubs. It was so quiet. We dinned in a very nice pub and listen to some blue musics.

It is such an UnAmerican place, New. Orleans.

mama bok said...

I love New Orleans..!! and remember the french quarter too..!
Did you try their famous sugary puffs..?? i can't remember what they are called now..! it's at the tip of my tongue..! bummer..!!

kayatan said...

I did not try their famous sugary puffs. Let me know when u remember the name, so I can try it in the future.