Will be away for 5days !

Friday, June 29, 2007

My dear readers, my family and I will be taking our summer holidays the next week. I won't be blogging for the next 5days.

See you when I come back.

Signing off from sunshine Florida.

My personal review on paid post

This blog is served as an encouragement to new bloggers who want to make some part time income for writing paid post on their blogs.

I have received some $ from bloggerwave for the posts that I wrote for them. The money has long been transfered to my checking account from my paypal account. Since then I have not written new posts for bloggerwave because they have not posted any new post for me.

Today, Smorty emailed me that they are sending $ to my paypal account for the posts that I wrote for them. I was pleasantly surprised because it took a while for Smorty to approve my blog. But since they approved my blog, they have given me posts to write and I can say their payment system is very efficient. It did not take them very long to pay me.

The other company that I have signed up with was Blogitive. So far, Blogitive has not approved my blog yet. I am not too worry about it, when they felt that my blog is good enough for them, I am sure they will notify me.

The other one is CREAMaid. For CREAMaid, you don't have to register, all you do is you pick any conversations that you are interested in, you write and submit your post. They will email you if your post is approved. So far, I have only written one post for them and I have not heard from them yet.

The other company that I have registered longer than the others is payperpost. It takes me a while to get used to payperpost system. I got rejected quite a number of times in the beginning because I forget to link these and that or my post was shorter than the requirement. So far, I have written 7posts for them and they have approved 3 of them. I have not received any money from them yet for the posts they approved. Might be they have a payment system that I should look into it. I have not gotten the time to go about doing it yet.

And the last one that I nearly forget to mention is blogvertise. They did approve my blog long ago but I have never received any assignment from them until recently. I hope they will give me more as my blogging day progress :)-

In terms of money wise, time/$, I don't think writing for pay post is the most profitable kind of money for blogging. To me it is an active job and an active income, it is not a passive income. A passive income is an income that can be generated even when you are sleeping. Might be for Malaysian bloggers, it is a good revenue because of the exchange rate. Every US$100 would translate to RM$300+. But for us American, it is not so. Plus the fact that we have a lot more opportunities here that pay more or less kind of money. To me writing for paid post is a bit like doing medical coding or medical transcript, but in a smaller scale. Home business medical transcript is a US$1.7 billion business. Of course with medical coding and transcript, you need to attend some classes to acquired the skill for coding and transcript. With coding and transcript, there is no limit on the amount of work you want to put in, there are more jobs than people who are available to do it.

So you ask, why are you still doing paid post when you could be doing other things.Well, I enjoy writing, especially writing for travel post, the other thing is writing paid post helped me a lot in writing :). I am more conscious of my tenses and grammar. I am doing a course that required me to write a lot. In fact, blogging and writing paid posts have helped me in my writing for my class. One stone kills two bird. A bargain for me.

I think the very main reason I blog is the ability to connect with Malaysian or ex-Malaysians all over the world. I made a number of good cyber friends over the years of my cyber journey. I can name them here but I do not think it is appropriate for me to do it because I knew with my forgetful mind I tend to miss one or two names and that is not very kind of me to do that.

So I like to encourage everyone who wanted to take up this part time money making hobby, be patience, be persevere , never give up; and I am very sure that one of these days, one of these companies will ask you to write for them. I am no guru in telling you what to do with your content etc. I do not want to sound like some old mamak who think they knew it all by giving you all kind of advices. My only advice is don't worry , be happy even if your blogs have been rejected, rewrite and submit again, no big deal. Life is mean for us to enjoy :).

Don't worry , be happy !!!!!!!!!!!!

With that I am signing off from Sunshine Florida.

Summer holiday and cheap hotels !

Whenever summer is near, my leg starts to get itchy, they want to go somewhere (figurative speaking :)). All that on my mind are holidays, vacations and funs. My husband and I went to a lot of holidays the last 7 summers we have been together. We have been to Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Philadelphia, Delaware and of course many places in Florida , the Panhandle, the South West Coast and the Central East Coast.

For those of us who love to travel, we are pretty seasoned when it comes to finding travel web sites that offer bargain deals. Recently, I came across a site called Cheaper than hotel dot com.

I take a greater interest on Cheap Hotels in Manchester because we have always wanted to visit the United Kingdom during one of our summer vacation.

I find the site very useful because it provide all classes of hotels from budget to luxury. And they also provide a list of bed and breakfast Inns. I love bed and breakfast Inns because they provide a warm homely atmosphere that you do not think you in some strange place. We stayed in a very nice bed and bedfast in St.Augustine during our honey moon. It is called the Victoria House. Oh, I love it especially in the morning when the owner bred their own brand coffee and provide us with fresh scones from their oven. It was a wonderful feeling.

There is this great site that can help you to do some research before you venture into the Great Manchester. It is the official website of the tourist board for Greater Manchester where you can discover the best of the Manchester city region in one place. Read on for your essential Manchester city guide. http://www.visitmanchester.com/

Do not forget to check out this site where you can find cheap hotels at Manchester Airport :

I hope you enjoy your summer this year and have many sweet summer vacation experiences.

** This is a paid post.

Ten things you may not want to know about me

I have been tagged by Color me crazy about "Ten things you may not want to know about me.".
Because of my clinical rotations, labs, paper and final exams. I have procrastinating about this tag until today.

But, I will write an original and hilarious piece, you probably will not forget it :)-

1. You probably do not want to sit next to me when watching a hilarious funny movie because I hit very hard on the person who sit next to me when I laughed and get too excited :)-. You can get bruised ! Oouch :)-

2. I fart a lot so you probably do not want to sit near me during lecture time or movies :)-.

3. If you read all the past experiences that I had, you probably would think I am a very strong woman, in fact, I am not. I cried before the actress cried in a sad movie :). A lot of my friends thought I was nut !!!

4. This one you really do not want to know. When I first went to Australia to study. I hard a difficult time adjusting life without my maid and my mom. I often forgot to do my laundry so I often wore my worn underwear the other side because I run out of underwear.

5. This is another hilarious one :). When I was in Melbourne doing my high school, I took Chinese as an extra credit. I had to go to Melbourne city every Saturday morning for my Chinese class. I lived in a place which was about 45minutes train drive and 15mins bus drive, so all in all, it's an hour journey. I hate to wake up early in the morning to put on my clothes because it's so cold in Melbourne's winter. So what I did was I wear my jeans, my shirt and my long coat to go to sleep. When the alarm rang, I just brushed my teeth and there I went.

6. I love man who is tall , dark and handsome, which my husband is not. He is median height, white and handsome :). I especially like men who has mustache :)-

7. I hate to drive. I have never drive in a highway before. Before I came to US, I had a driver, who drive me here and there. My ex boss recogned it's cheaper to hire a driver for me than had to pay for my car repair every month because I bumped into people car a lot. I don't have very good motor skill and I probably has some dexetory issue.

8. I have problem going to sleep if I don't read before I sleep. But once I sleep, I sleep like a log. When we were younger , my sister and I shared a room. We used to listen to late night song request. At that time, there's this D.J who my sister and I fancied :) (I couldnot even remember his name, might be if JT or Doris who read this blog entry might help me to recall, I think he hosted cool and swinging show, remember ?). Once we forgot to switch our transistor radio off and those days in Kuching, once after midnight, after the national song "Negaraku" finished, you will hear squeking sound 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...". My mother who slept next door to us was disturbed by the sound and could not go to sleep. Those days there were no AC lah, our windows were all open with mosquito nest :). Well, she called our name, screamed at us to open the window. Both of us slept like a log. Finally she poured a pale of water right onto my face. I slept right under the window. I thought it was raining and we had a flood so I wake up :).

9. I have no gift in languages. I did horribly in school for my Chinese and Malay.I think I have a sclerosis tongue which is hard to turn :)

10. I am very good most of the times but I can be very explosive when you stepped on my tail :):):). My mom said it's because I was the decendent of Borneo's head hunter tribe :). She got her history wrong. Melanau tribe is not head hunter tribe. I went on street demonstration when I was younger. I went to principal room to fight for issues that I felt very strongly. In short, I am hot blooded :)-

And this is a picture that I don't think you really want to see :). Taken at my baby shower party :)-

I hope I have done a good job for my friend, colormecrazy :)-

Alaska by cruise

Alaska cruise vacation

Alaska, the 49th state that joined the America union is on the place I always dream of visit.

According to Wikipedia : "Alaska (IPA: /əˈlɒs.kə/, Russian: Аляска) is a state of the United States of America that is located in the extreme northwest portion of North America, west of Canada. It is the largest U.S. state in terms of area (by a substantial margin), along with being one of the wealthiest and most racially diverse.[2]The area that became Alaska was purchased from Russian interests on October 18, 1867 for $7,000,000. The land went through several administrative changes before becoming an organized territory in 1912 and the 49th state of the U.S. on January 3, 1959. The name "Alaska" is derived from the Aleut alaxsxaq, meaning "the mainland", or more literally "the object towards which the action of the sea is directed".[3]"

The way I love to see Alaska is by cruise.

I think this author from ezinearticles.com by George Alarcon provides a very useful resource on
Top 10 Reasons for Taking an Alaskan Cruise Vacation.

Some of the top preference for me are :

You can see huge mountainous glaciers, huge sky-blue icebergs, killer whales, lumbering moose, rainforest fjords, grizzly bears, bald eagles, ice fields, lumberjacks, caribou, otters, seals, dolphins, and others.

The cruise also offer you to do this in your destination: helicopter trips, train rides, off-road jeep rides, underwater explorations, bus trips to the Denali State Park, King salmon fishing, and bike riding.

According to Alaska Department of Natural Resources web site :"
Denali State Park is an integral part of one of North America’s most spectacularly beautiful regions. The park’s 325,240 acres, almost one-half the size of Rhode Island, provide the visitor with a great variety of recreational opportunities, ranging from roadside camping to wilderness exploration...."

This is a site that offer wonder tip on day trips and adventures in Alaska.
You probably would want to visit Anchorage Alaska.

I probably will try salmon fishing in Alaska :)

It is also a great way where entire family can have the option of enjoying onboard activities and events as well as viewing Alaska’s unique wildlife and vast wilderness.

Now, it is so much easier and cheaper than ever than ever before to make an Alaska cruise. There are lot of cruise web sites that offer very affordable cruise price to enjoy Alaska and its beautiful wonders.

Go SQUIDOO travel and check on discount cruises, the Alaska travel expert, and you can do your own Google search and I am sure you can find tons of Alaska cruise information.

** This post is bring to you by Smorty

Why is Gucci, . LV and prada's product so appealing to Malaysian female population ?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

This topics was inspired from the recent Zewt's blog entry about "When the ‘if’ turns real".

From the comments and from one of Zewt reply to me that"Oh Jamy...gucci and prada or LV bags are big big thing in malaysia. to some girls... it's a must have. i have heard of situation whereby a girl told her new bf that he MUST get her one within 3 months or the relationship is off. and the guy saved like hell to get it for her. ". Wow, apparently, a lot of Malaysian females have a strong affinity or lust towards European branded goods to the expense of a relationship. That is pretty scary !!!!!!!!!

Is that a social ill, culture ill or a personality flaw ? Why covert European's when you are Asian ?

I don't necessary think indulge yourself with some branded goods with your hard earn money is a sin that a woman has ? Do you ?

I personally like Liz Claiborn design, a New York base designer and also a fan of Vera Wang. Vera Wong is truly a product of melting pot America. I have never gotten to like European goods or products for I find them too goldie. I prefer subtle and lighter design such as Australia's country road brand. I particularly does not like Italian products, it is just not my kind of tea.

I think it is very obvious that Malaysian has a lot of post colonial syndrome. Things from the West are good. It is even better if it is expensive because that would boost my status. I think that is a displacement mechanism on low self esteem.

Might be people who felt strongly of what I said should read what does it mean about displacement from Wikipedia.

Well, as for me, I love to find bargains.

There are some of my US50cents bargains that I like to share with you.

The most relax day

I was in pj the whole day. I finished my final yesterday and I felt soooooooooo... relief from school works, clinical rotations, labs and all kind of school stress you name it, I have it.

I worked on my yard some in the early morning. With my weed taller than my holly bush, I should think it is about time I do some cleaning on my flowers bed and front yard. I weeded some and went back in when the sun started to get hot on my back :).

I tidy up some on my blog as it is as messy as JJ play room :). Sometimes I wonder if you can teach a toddler to pick up his own mess ? In fact, I have given up the notion of remodeling our family room probably until JJ knows how to clean up his own mess :).

We are taking off this Saturday morning for 5days (to Tennessee and North Carolina). In fact, I wish we can go away for a week but unfortunately I have an appointment with my endocrine specialist to follow up my treatment plan on Thursday and I will be going back to work for my weekend shift this week.

I will be off 8weeks for school before my fall class start. I have a lot in mind to do this 8weeks. These are some :

Probably get a domain name and get a paid server to host.
Organize a few yard sales to sell the junks that I don't use.
Paint some of my furnitures. I bought the paint but never start it.
Review/read my fall course notes so I don't look for jamban when I need it.
Reorganize some of our bookselves.
Home school JJ at least 30mins every evening.
Get our utility room tidy up. It is a mess right now.
Get a fall calender and schedule up on the kitchen area.

I would like to appoint Jenny How of Chronicles of a Full Time eBay Seller ;and Kuanghoong of kuanhoong dot com be my virtual supervisors for my visioned projects. I hope with 2 people whom I can be accountable for give me the incentive to finish my project ? What say you(s) ? I will give you guys report on a weekly basic starting from 2nd week of July :)-

Increase pagerank and follow comment

I thought this article written by Paula Mooney on "Do Follow My Google Pagerank Increase Tips...My Pagerank Just Jumped from 2 to 5!" is a great read.
And if you are like me who is not too well verse with html, you might like to check this site by Randa Clay on "The I Follow “Movement”
At the moment my page rank is 0, that means not important, sigh :)-

To blog or not to blog

My investment guru and his wife visited my family last Saturday night.
He and his wife were surprised that I have not email or call him for a while now. We correspond quite a lot through emails and phones. But since I have been putting a lot of work in my personal blog and started my summer A class, I have stopped writing to him or call him for a while.

He showed me some of the gold stocks he had brought 2 months back. One of them has appreciated 424.50%. It is a junior exploration company with main focus in Indonesia but listed in Canada stock market. Southern Arc Mineral Inc. " Southern Arc Minerals Inc is a junior mineral exploration company with its activities focused on the acquisition, evaluation and advancement of mineral properties in Indonesia, one of the world's most prospective mineralized regions. Southern Arc's intention is to advance properties that hold the potential of becoming one million ounce gold resources or greater to exploitation...."

To tell you the truth, I was a bit depressed about the opportunity lost that I have incurred. With blogging you really need to spend a lot of times if you want to come up with good content and keep a close contact with your readers, especially replying their comments. Plus you have to keep up with the paid post that blogging companies assigned you. So in short, it is not a small job.

I talked to my other guru, this time, it is my tech guru, non other than KuanHong. His advice is if I don't want to do it full time, just do it part time cos no one will reject part time income.

I am still debating to blog or not to blog or just concentrate on my gold investment.

"The face behind the blog " Meme

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I was tagged by Kuanhoong about "The face behind the blog" meme on June 23rd. Due to my exam, I was excused to do it later :)-.

Most people's blog do not have their personal photos. Often times, their readers wonder how do their bloggers look like. But that is not the case for me, you see my beautiful face all over my blog :)-. And I think by now you should have known that these photos were taken when I was younger, right ? :)- (catch cha).

I started blogging after I had a very unpleasant event with a Malaysian social network forum. I spend a lot of times in the forum and wrote a lot of articles on gold investment. After the unpleasant event, I thought to myself, why should I be writing free article for people ? and not being appreciated ? I might as well create my own site on gold / silver investment ? But at that time, I did not know how to go about doing it. A cyberfriend Casper introduced me to blog. I started blogging on gold/silver investment. I did not get as many comments as I like to. Then one fine day, I stumbled onto Wuching blog. I really like his blog because he wrote a lot of things about Melbourne, Australia and also posted a lot of pictures on Melbourne. I did my high school in Melbourne, Australia, so his blog brought back a lot of good memories.

One day coming home from a country drive, I decided to revive my personal blog "Seay's Kopitiam". I put more effort on my investment blog than my personal blog. However, as I started to pay more attention to my personal blog,I realized people like to read normal daily things than investment. I suppose our daily life kind of things are easier to relate to than say gold or silver mines.

Beside blogging, I am a full time housewife, a full time mom to a 4 years old ; and a full time student. I often wish I have 36hours a day :).

Investment is my 1st love (beside family etc), then come IT. IT have came a long way since my days. I did my Computer Science degree in Sydney University in the early 80's. 1 or 2 years later than Bill Gates and Paul Alen's era. I remembered using punch card to write our very first program. That is how old I am :)-. We were the very first few pioneers CS. graduates from Sydney University then. I was one of the first woman to manage a Japanese bank in Hong Kong for Malaysia Public bank. We wrote software program that run on big machine (Honeywell, IBM, etc). I have not even heard of internet until the early 90's. But I have came a long way with IT and internet. I met my husband through a Christian matching site. We corresponded for about 2 years before we decided to meet. It was a challenge for me because I have a very successful career in Brunei. I was managing 2 companies for a wealthy business man from Singapore. But, I have not regret a single bit. We have a very wonderful marriage the past 7 years. We have traveled to many places in the states the past 7 years. We have an active boy by the name of JJ - John Junior. We name him JJ because both of us could not come to an agreement of naming him so we named him after his dad and have his paternal grandmother family name as his middle name. I hope he will carry his name to John X. :):):)

I love my life in the US and love being an American. I like America because it is a place where the sky is the limit. I have always been a high achiever , so this America place really suit me fine :)-.

I often wonder if I have more testerone than woman hormones because I like a lot of things that men do. I like to read investment books more than fashion or celebrities magazine. I find it challenging to beat Warren Buffet's record of picking stocks :).

I can go on for another few pages, but I think I will leave it here for the moment. I hope you enjoy my beautiful photo which I took many years ago :). This is an e-age Cinderala story :)-

According to my sifu Kuanhoong, I am suppose to list down all the people that have done this tag before , and they are :

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Finally, if you link back to me here and send an email I’ll be sure to include links back to you.

Each person tagged should create their own post and repeat the process.

Have Fun!. :-)

Hi 5 meme

Wuching tagged me with this Hi 5 meme on May 30th and I was too busy to do my part. But, better late than never :):)

5 things found in your bag

I changed new bag every year :). I like to buy cheap bag from Wal-Mart so I can get new bag every 6month or so :)

1) My asthma puffer (Albuterol Aerosol) which I carry all the time :)- I started develop asthma late last year. I started getting pollen allergy after I conceived and eventually turned into asthma

2) My mini make up kit which consist of a loose powder, a brusher, an eye shadow with 2 shades and a lipstick. I might leave home without make up but before I get out of car, you see me with my face lightly modified :)-

3) A card holder where I keep all my cards, credit cards, debit card, my check book, AAA card, driver license, health insurance card, professional liability insurance card, my certified CPR card, my hospital employee card, my pacemaker card, etc... I could never leave home without those cards. I seldom carry any cash , if I do, probably $5. You hardly use cash in America. I use debit card mostly.

4) And of course not forgetting my mini medicine kit which consist of iburprofen (pain pill), antacid (for stomach just in case), zytex (for my allergy especially spring and summer where the flowers bloom).

5) And my dairy where I keep my docs appointment, exams, clinical etc..

5 favourite things in your room

1. My bed and of course my special memory mattress that help me to sleep well :)
2. My books , of course
3. My investment and home and family magazines , of course.
4. My reading lamp
5. Lots of JJ toys :)-

5 things you’ve always wanted to do

1. Write a book.
3. Write investment newsletter.
3. Visit our missionaries who we support
4. Visit Australia with my husband and JJ
5. Visit South America with my husband and JJ

5 things YOU currently into

1) Study for my exam.
2) Homeschooling JJ as much as I can.

3) Enjoying being a wife and mother.

Learning more about blogging in and out.
5.) Looking for place we might like to stay more permanently.

5 people WANT TO tag
Hahahahaha..here comes the fun part;

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5) The lazy Stay-at-Home Mommy

A lazy gardener - 2

Monday, June 25, 2007

Anything that require a lot of work is outside my scope of gardening.

So you see tree, scrubs, palm and bushes and wild flower, ha ha ha ha.

This only need natural water, rain :)

This is planted by our neighbor 2 years ago before he passed away, it does have small white flower, very nice. You won't believe it started as a small bush :), now it is so big :)-

My holy bush :), it does has red berries during Christmas. I think my holy bush is really malnutritious cos my weeds grow as tall as my holy bush :)

And I love this scrubs cos it is free of maintenance :)-

Florida palm.

And the bird brought some seeds for this wild flower this year :)

I am a lazy gardener

Sunday, June 24, 2007

You can vote me to be the laziest gardener, I won't bet my eyes on it :).
These are flowers at my front yard that were brought by the birds. Either the birds or the wind must have spread the seed to my front yard :).
These are flowers that do not need to be water or fertilize, my kind of flowers.
Don't you wish your $ can flow in like this ? ha ha ha ha.
No afford, no hard work, but you know better :)-

The man with the golden touch

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The man with the golden touch.
Courtesy of Metals News. Best metal site.
Every move you take, I will follow :).

Summer Vacation

In the Northern hemisphere, summer starts around June. Summer starts early in Florida though, because we are almost sub topics. This year I have 7weeks off from school for the summer. We have summer A and summer B here, each consists of 6weeks class. We will be leaving next Saturday to Tennessee and North Carolina for our summer holiday short trip. In fact I wanted to visit areas around New England such as Vermont, etc. But I don't think we have the times this year so we will have to settle for nearer place for our summer vacation this year. Might be we will go to areas around Florida the rest of the time.

We might not have a lot materially but we have a very rich family life. We go traveling a lot and spend times a lot as a family. My husband family has traveled all the 50states of America except Hawaii and Alaska. His late mom love to travel. They used to go road trips every summer as a family. We continue his family tradition - taking road trip each summer as our family trip :)-

These are some of the photos we took during our 2005 summer holiday in North Carolina.

We visited Biltmore Estate in 2005, America largest home. It was build by George Washington Vanderbilt II.

You can read the Vanderbilt family here. And the Vanderbilt University, and here.

I did not have good camera then. These are some of the photos I like to share with you.

See how young JJ was, he was still sucking his thumbs :)

The amount of preserve green is just incredible. The estate today covers approximately 8,000 acres. Incredible !

It is a wonderland for flowers lover.

And for wine lover, there is a wine tasting area where the estate made their own wine from grapes.

Honor to our fallen fireman

Friday, June 22, 2007

Young Millionaires

Whenever I read news like this, I crunched. I often wonder why it is so common to obtain such kind of success in such young age in America than any other country such as Malaysia.

Is it due to the government policies ? education or culture ?
Are we depriving our young people when we have not even figure this out ? as documented by this blog (a friend in my younger Australia day) or we are setting our priority wrong somewhere ? eg Karen Armstrong on religious diversity in Malaysia ?

The hidden millionaires !!!

Google to buy YouTube in $1.65 billion stock deal

Will he be as successful if he has born in Malaysia. This blog is not mean to undermined Malaysia or its government but to challenge my young readers who reside in M or abroad that what ingredients that are lacking in order for us to have an equal playing field ?


Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am very obnoxious to use Kaya as my blog handler :). Kaya is Malay word for rich.

In fact, I started blogging about investment but there are hardly any comments on my blog so I decided to write a personal blog, a blog where I write nonsense, a blog where I rant, show off and review a lot about me and my family, ha ha ha ha.

In fact, my 1st love is still investment but since there is no comment, I don't like to talk to myself :)-.

I think my tech sifu cannot tahan (stand) me anymore cos I keep complaining I am fed up with Malaysian bloggers about how to make $ online, he challenged me to share my guruness in gold investment.

In fact, I have always very entreprising, even when I was a young girl, I used to sell all kind of stuffs . My mom used to buy sweets from wholesale stores and I would resale it to my friends, neighbors children etc. When I was in my teens, I started making baju, birthday cakes, gave tuition to rich people children. This is one of my trait, making $, investment .

I met my guru 7yrs ago. In fact, he is not any guru, I just call him that. He in fact was a retired missionary, spend all his golden years in Bolivia jungles serving the tribal people there. But, he really is a wise man. He showed me why gold investment is a life time opportunity this coming 10 years or son. Of course, I don't just listen, I started doing a lot of research. Over the years I learn a whole lot about world economics, America system etc... It is not about gold itself, it is about the world monetary system.

I have been very fortunate to earn quite a fair bit on gold/silver investment the last few years.

I have an investment blog that I neglected a fair bit since I started to put more work on this kopitiam but if you are interest, by all mean visit my site, there are tons of good articles.

These are some stocks I have researched last year, might be you want to do some research on them. It takes a lot of patience, hard work to invest in gold and silver.

I knew this guy(Jason Hommel) since 2003 ( when I mean knew, I mean I read his work, emailed him and follow his performance), he started with no money, just help his dad to manage his dad portfolio, he has earned a lot of $ since I knew him, at least in the rank of million. You would not believe his writing effort, he used to give free research email on some of the silver mines he has studied. It was like 60-90 pages per email. But now, you got to pay to get his email oleri. I think his readership is in the 100k+ amt.

If you really want to untung from serious money, gold and silver is your best bet for the next 10 years or so. When I started investing gold , it was $200+/oz, now it is %650+/oz. It used to be easy to buy gold and silver stock cos they are so few of them but now there are a lot more. It is harder to find out which one is for real :)- but still you can as long as you are ready to put in works.

Ooooh, by the way, who knows the picture I just posted. Get it right, I will send you a florida t-shirt. BE is baned from guessing :)-. Yalah , not fair lah :)- because I think BE had been there before and seen it before lah :)-

Need a helping hand on ecommerce shopping card

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When do you start your 1st lie ?

When I look at my son, he looks so innocent and I wish he will remain that way forever. But, that is a wishful thinking ! With an innact sinful human nature, he is going to lie someday, do things behind my back :).

At the moment, he is such a joy to have and is a gift for mother hood because he is always happy and cheerful :). I sincerely have so much fun with this boy :)-

When you start lying to your mama ? Be honest :).

Like father like son !

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

JJ was a colicky baby for many months. It was hard on me. I gave up a lot of things for this boy :)-. I gave up my IT profession, change career for him. But, it is all worth it. :):). He has grown up so much, so much easy on us now. He is a good boy, sit in the church for service and bible studies ; and a very good traveler.
We flew to see grandpa at Dover last year. I thought this was so cute, like father and son :). His dad is a librarian, so is his late grandmother :). JJ loves his alphabets, letters and book :):).

What are the things you enjoy doing with your father ?

What is the worst / best thing ever happened to you ?

When we go through life, there are bound to be storms and sunshine. What are the worst thing or the best thing ever happened in your life ?

Have you been kicked out of the program you were studying not of your fault ? I had. Have you been fired for no reasons of your own but some wicked old lady or man fault ? I had. Have you been told in a relationship that he/she wanted to get out for non of your fault ? I had. Have you lost your pants one day when the stock market suddenly collapsed and all your portfolio became 0 , I mean zero zero ? I had. Have you been kicked at the back of your car when some idot decided to speed ? I had. Have you been pronounced by the doc that you have some kind of disease ? I have.

Life can seems to be glummy like this grommy winter weather in Dover, Delaware !

But never give up hope in the God you believe, your faith ! In my case, it is Jesus Christ and Christian faith ! During these glommy days, pray to HIM, read the bible and you will see rainbow ! HIS promise to all HIS children !

Anyone who is feeling down, I hope this article cheer you up. And I am remembering Cikgu Criz's mother in my prayer !

Cheap vacation

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hotel Reservations

Hotel Reservations

Have you ever travel cheap ? With Hotel Reservations
You are going to love what I am going to write.

Hubby and I are travel bugs, that is why you see so many of our holiday pictures in all of my blogs. Trust me , coming from a travel bug's horse mouth, taking a vacation is not an easy task. It needs lots of planning : hotel/motel, rental cars, airlines , etc... It is even more tricky when it comes to peak season like spring break, summer and Christmas holiday.

But with Hotel Reservations, your headaches stop right there because you can have lots of resources to make your vacation planning smoother.

The site offers lots of services such as road trip search, which I know my hubby and I would just love it, thinking of all those road trips we made over the year ! Then there is special cruise deal., who can resist the temptation of Alaska cruise ? Of course not forgetting their hotel/rental cars/airlines deals which has the Guaranteed Lowest Rates!! . Wow, for those business people , there is good news for you, Destination Guard ! how cool is that ?

Looks like HotelReservations not only provide cheap hotels and vacation rentals, it also provide flight bookings, car rentals and even destination arrangement.

The $100 rebate coupon looks extremely interesting , wow,
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Wow, who can beat that ? Wow, not only that you can call in and book ! How cool is that
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Wow, even Malaysians you can call the worldwide phone no., not bad eh ?

So, why are you still waiting there, move, call the number or go to the site now !

* Note : This post come to you by HotelReservations.com

Do you have dowry ?

I have :):):)

Over the years, my mother bought gold for me and my sister and I personally have bought and collected some.
This is my dowry. I showed my girlfriend in my the wedding shower party that my American girlfriends gave me.

I am showing you off here. :):). Share with me if you have dowry for your wedding !

Do you know about Smorty ?

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Why we like angmo stuff so much ?

Monday, June 18, 2007

After this post, might be I don't get any Malaysian/Singaporean friend anymore, ha ha ha ha. That is ok. I am a loner most of my life, ha ha ha ha.

I just written abt 10 comments in all Malaysian 'How to make $' blog or tech blog etc... I hatam kuat kuat :).

I have been blogging very heavily the last 1 month, over this 1 month, I have been to a lot of Asian young fellow blog (mostly 20's or early young punks, I would say) about this that about making $. At first, I was very interested to find out what they write. But, I tell you after this 1 month, I lost my interest. Not because I am not interested in making online $ but what I am disappointed or lost my interest is so much info overflow, most people are talking the same thing u can find in other blog. In shot, copy cat ! no creativity at all.

Has our school system destroy the creativity in us ? Can we write a blog without having to link to an American blog, technique , mentor, guru ? Is it that hard to even quote a 'yellow skin' mentor ?

Even though I married an angmo but I don't necessary follow everything angmo ! In Angmo country, they give present, but I give Ang pow. So if they don't like it, tough !!!

Create our own Malaysian search engine (don't name it google the Malaysian way, for Pete sake), create our own guru and don't call Malaysian Rick Warren, aiyo, use a true yellow Malaysian name ! Dr. M will be proud of you :)-

Bargain, aging and travel !

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I took this picture today before we went to church this morning. Dh wanted me to take pic because he said he really like me to dress up :). When I look at my picture, I thought wow, man, aging is a process that you cannot deny :)-. Ha ha ha ha. Just a matter of 7yrs I looks so much older :)-.

By the way, this was the dress I bought 3 yrs back on a summer trip. See, I have an obsession of picking bargain (husband lah, land lah, house lah, furniture lah, I look for bargain, bargain not necessary mean cheap stuff, it means what you find/spend is worth 2-3 times than otherwise), ha ha ha ha ha.

This dress (in fact it is a 2piece suit) costs me US $7.50, it has never been worn, all in a plastic zip bag with designer paper tag on. I thought wow, what a bargain. I found it in a Lady's Auxiliary store on a resort quaint town - High land North Carolina. The dress is nice but the lady is old :)-

Some of the snipshot of beautiful highland, a quaint resort town.

This is the bed and breakfast Inn that we stayed while we were there, very nice !

Everywhere is flower, can die one, so beautiful and romantic !

Cannot tahan, gas station also plant flower !

These flowers memang not there if in Kuching, my old lady surely go curi :):). Lucky she does not read English :)-

How many girls will pensan for him ?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

He used to look a lot more Asian than he is now. As he grows, he is getting more Eurasian looks (thin lips :)) than Asians. Hmmm... I wonder how many girls will pensan for him :)-

Papa and son after hair cut :)-

The capitalist land

My husband and I are very spoiled in term of house chores. We used to have a gal who came clean our house every week until she got married and we have not find anyone suitable; and we always have some one to do our lawn. In the place where we live there are a few guys who do mowing of lawns for people who are lazy like us :). Ha ha ha, not really lah, we have quite a fair size of retiree in our place :), the North birds (retirees from up North).

This guy is very enterprising, in fact, he works for the prison. He started doing the lawn biz with his son on a part time basic (afternoon and Saturday when he is off work). They start with a small push lawn mower then they bought a small disel engine lawn mower ; and now now look what they got now ? A huge John Deere tractor :). John Deere is such an American symbol , like the Marlboro man :)-

And there are other guys who started pressure wash business, they wash the home's siding (wall) for you and the concrete floor at the walkway etc.

And that is why I love America, the land of the capitalist. The sky is your limit.

There are all kind of business under the sun of capitalist land :):). I wonder why the Wuching the so kiasu can die fellow does not want to move here, he does not have to wait till 12midnite lah :)-

And the guy broke our garden pipe :)-

Happy mowing the lawn :)-