I am a lazy gardener

Sunday, June 24, 2007

You can vote me to be the laziest gardener, I won't bet my eyes on it :).
These are flowers at my front yard that were brought by the birds. Either the birds or the wind must have spread the seed to my front yard :).
These are flowers that do not need to be water or fertilize, my kind of flowers.
Don't you wish your $ can flow in like this ? ha ha ha ha.
No afford, no hard work, but you know better :)-


J.T. said...

Nothing like a wild flower garden and you just enjoy the view. :D

kuanhoong said...

Yeah, I am waiting for my birds to bring in $$ for me.. (Hmm sounds kind a funny) :P

ColourMeCrazy said...

We don't have a garden so yours looks gorgeous!

Wuching said...

its nice wor..why not?

Bee said...

I thought they look great ! (healthy & happy)

Pui Kwan said...

What a beautiful garden you have.

Cirnelle said...

You paid people to mow your lawn but not tend to the flowers?

kayatan said...

No lah people here do specific thing one. Mow mean mow, mana ada + tend flower.

I don't have lots of flowers lah, mostly trees and bushes lah. I have lots of holy bushes (they produce read berries during Christmas time).I only planted some roses. Roses very easy one, only need to prune now and then. I used to plant azerla (very pop. flowers in the south) but they sudah mati kok kok cos I did not take care. So all my flowers are wild ones.

Land very big, difficult to do. I wonder how we going to manage if we move to our country land :)-.

My gf (philipino) has 100 acres, just do the lawn itself took her many hrs leh.