I find my merchant @ MerchantCircle !

Friday, June 15, 2007

The last few day while I was driving my Nissan, I noticed the car brake light was on even thought the handbrake was down. I thought to myself, hmm..., something must not be right. I told my husband to look into it. He said he would. My husband is not the most handy man in the world, he is a librarian for Pete sake, he loves book but not machine :)-.

Well, our mechanic macho friend look at it and said we should go to the auto shop .

While I was looking at Creamaid site about writing a paid conversation. I came across this company or rather an online business directory called MerchantCircle, I thought wow, it would be neat if I write and recommend something that I know it works. So out of my curious mind, I type brake change in Gainesville, Florida and guess what it comes up with :Carrsmith AAA Approved Auto Repair. And guess what, that is the autoshop we sent our car to :). And that is not the end of my excitement, when I type roof repair in Gainesville Florida, there are quite a number of shop names come out of the search and guess what again, there is one whom I have done business with all these pass years : A & H Hart Screen. They are one of the reliable one in town.

So here I am writing about something that I know it works and works wonderfully because two of these merchants are one of the best in town !

I don't care what other people do, but I like to do things which I have conviction with. Just because I have a very strong sense of right or wrong mindset.

So I recommend you guys go to MerchantCircle when you need to search for business names; and for those of you who are doing business, please register for MerchantCircle, we bloggers are spreading words that MerchantCircle is the best search tool !!!!.