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Thursday, June 28, 2007

I thought this article written by Paula Mooney on "Do Follow My Google Pagerank Increase Tips...My Pagerank Just Jumped from 2 to 5!" is a great read.
And if you are like me who is not too well verse with html, you might like to check this site by Randa Clay on "The I Follow “Movement”
At the moment my page rank is 0, that means not important, sigh :)-


ReviewSaurus said...

Paula, incoming links are important and no matter whether they have pageranks or not.

Another thing....pagerank of your homepage is not similar to individual most of the time you'll notice that most of the posts will have less page ranks.

Another thing, No follow helps your blog in SEO as more and more outgoing links mean, less search engine juice!

kayatan said...

Thank you for dropping by and leave a comment.

Hmmm... is less search engine juice good or bad ?

Thank you

ReviewSaurus said...

Well, more and more search engine juice is good! There are many sites...which run only because of the search engine juice.

I'll suggest you to read as much as you can and try to grab its content...and not skip over things :)

Il Giornale di copenhagen said...

follow is a good thing.

Aditya Kurnia Widiono said...

Yes, I do do-follow too. I think that do-follow is the best achievement for the user who have visited our site..

It doesn't matter to enabled it. For WP user, may be can activate Akismet for against to the spam.

My WP: (Indonesian&English, majority in Indonesian, but perhaps English will be available so much).

My blogspot:

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