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Friday, June 01, 2007

I met my husband on the internet. I wanted to visit him to find out what he is like. Is he what he said from our corresponds ?

There was a girl who worked with me for a few years. We got along so well that I had never treat her like my staff. I treated her like a sister. She was so kind to me that she offered to go to US with me. Visiting US is not like something a 'gaji' earning person can say I want to go then I go the next day kind of thingy. You have to think 1st about visa, then $, then enough leave to go ! For a single woman to get a visa is not very easy. On top of that at that time the exchange rate was 3.8. Just airfare would cost around RM$5k (including the small trips we had to make on our journey), plus other expenses like food, gifts for family members and friends back home (how can you go home with bare hand, that is not our Malaysian culture, u know lah).

Though I was a jet setter during my early 20's and early 30's but I had stopped traveling since I work in Brunei. The trans-pacific flight was a night mare for me. Half-way through the flight (we weren't even 1/2way through the pacific), I told Neelam " I am going home, there is no way I am going to live in US, so far away from the rest of the world.' She said don't worry, you will love US, I promise you. Neelam studied in Sunway college and got her under graduate degree in Michigan University.

I am glad Neelam words turn out to be true. I have never look back. I am happy with my American life, my family and of course my American dream.

The very first place my then internet boyfriend took us was his elementry school. We had funs :)-

We had a wonderful lunch at the restaurant near the lake with my future FIL and Jean. Jean is my late MIL and FIL best friends. They were friends way back when they were all doing their post grad. studies @ Duke University. Jean was 80 years old when I met her. She had a master degree in Library Science, extremely well read lady. New Yorker, Asian Weeks can be easily found lying on her house. I felt so 'malu' when she asked me about my opinion concerning an article from Economics about Anwar. I thought 'apa ini', Anwar who ? I don't even know much about Malaysian politics. In fact, I am not interested. She left me with good memories. She is gone now; she left us her house, her piano , many antics furnitures and most precious of them all is her portrait when she was in her 30's . It was done by her ex husband who was a well known artist then.

House, $, materials things will never replace the people who mean so dear to you.

This entry is written in memory of 2 good friends, Neelam Kaur and Jean Steel.


kuanhoong said...

Nice and touching story

Wuching said...

wow! thats incredible! *applause*

FH2o said...

Thanks for sharing your story (and pictures) with us. It's nice to be reading it first hand now rather than hearing from somebody else (before).

Bee Ean Tee said...

Jamy, glad everything works out well. You and your hubby has the definite destiny to be husband and wife.

kayatan said...

Kuanhoong, Thank you !

kayatan said...

Friend, what are you clapping yr hand lah ?
Husband, anak, $, house , piano or the portrait, ha ha ha ha.
I know what is in yr mind, kawan , ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Yes, it is incredible. My parents , my siblings have given hope on me, aiya, in their mind, I am destined to be an old spinster, mana tahu, God brings me to a handsome good man all go all the way to Amedika :), ha ha ha ha ha, a lot of people drop their glasses. See never look down on people even they were poor, walk with a limbing kaki , ha ha ha ha.

kayatan said...

Hi Francis,
Thank you for dropping by.
Hope yr works and traveling leave you sometimes for yr hobbies.
Yes, it is always refreshing and different hearing from the horse mouth.

kayatan said...

Thank you BE, I pray that yours will be as happy as mine in the days to come !

J.T. said...

Hello Jamy
You know what we have in common, other than our initials? We met our husbands on the Internet! Yup, I know what it is like to go through all that trouble with the Visa, the embassy, the paperwork, the cost of flight, everything leading up to the marriage. Sooo worth it. :)

kayatan said...

Ha ha ha ha j.t. Now we not only has same initial but same love cerita.
Is yr hubby American ?

CRIZ LAI said...

**sob sob** so touching...I missed Mr.T too. Just did a post on him. **wiping tears**

Anyway, memories of someone you loved or ever loved are precious. They are irreplaceable with things that they left behind. At times, I would wish that I can turn back the clock to be with them again. It hurts when you have a guilt hidden inside you that you did not do more for them when they are still alive. Gosh...I have gone too emotional here **sob**

FH2o said...

I enjoy my work and traveling which does not seem like work or a chore at all. I am very fortunate in that I get paid for what I love to do (architecture, design, traveling, meeting new pppl & making things happen)- kayaking included! Problem is that there's just not enough hours in a day ...

Judging from the number of comments; a heartfelt true story truly tugs at one's heart! ;o) Wonderful.

kayatan said...


I am glad that you like yr kind of work. I find it hard to travel for work after 40's, especially now with family. I used to feel bad for Mr kim who has to travel so much for biz, 1 wk in Burma, 1 wk in Australia, 1 week in Brunei, 1 week in don't know where :)-

What more can one say :"I get paid for what I love to do". Very fortunate, not a lot of people can say that.

We are from different planet :)-. I have never like to work for people, hate corporate life to the max. I always wanted to have my own biz but never have the opportunity.

When I was younger, I need to work because I was supporting both of my siblings. Now I am free to do what I want. FIL takes care of my son education financial needs etc...

I always wanted to build something, something which I can call my own. I am glad that I can start working on my dream now :)-

Now what I do everyday is looking @ the world market to scot for best investment; and the rest of the time I write nonsense on my blog, ha ha ha ha ha ha.

J.T. said...

Yes, Jamy. I married an American. :)

ColourMeCrazy said...

That was a really lovely story. I glad things are really going well for you.