Summer Vacation

Saturday, June 23, 2007

In the Northern hemisphere, summer starts around June. Summer starts early in Florida though, because we are almost sub topics. This year I have 7weeks off from school for the summer. We have summer A and summer B here, each consists of 6weeks class. We will be leaving next Saturday to Tennessee and North Carolina for our summer holiday short trip. In fact I wanted to visit areas around New England such as Vermont, etc. But I don't think we have the times this year so we will have to settle for nearer place for our summer vacation this year. Might be we will go to areas around Florida the rest of the time.

We might not have a lot materially but we have a very rich family life. We go traveling a lot and spend times a lot as a family. My husband family has traveled all the 50states of America except Hawaii and Alaska. His late mom love to travel. They used to go road trips every summer as a family. We continue his family tradition - taking road trip each summer as our family trip :)-

These are some of the photos we took during our 2005 summer holiday in North Carolina.

We visited Biltmore Estate in 2005, America largest home. It was build by George Washington Vanderbilt II.

You can read the Vanderbilt family here. And the Vanderbilt University, and here.

I did not have good camera then. These are some of the photos I like to share with you.

See how young JJ was, he was still sucking his thumbs :)

The amount of preserve green is just incredible. The estate today covers approximately 8,000 acres. Incredible !

It is a wonderland for flowers lover.

And for wine lover, there is a wine tasting area where the estate made their own wine from grapes.


kuanhoong said...

Nice flowers.

Hokkaido is a great place for summer vacation in Japan. There are alot of flower farms eg. lavender all over Hokkaido. Great place.

Bee said...

It's SO cool to have a vacation each year, I'll make sure I come back every summer to check out your vacation post ;o)

jamy said...

Is Hokkaido, 'pei hai tou' in Mandarin ? I like the sakura tree during spring. I was in Japan for a while. I managed an upgrade for a Japanese bank's computer system in the early 90's in H.K - I think Public bank acquired the Jap's bank then.
If u are still there in a couple of yr, we might stop over and visit you :).

jamy said...

Bee, thank you .
Yes, we always go somewhere every summer fall and winter. Kind of our routine. Summer mostly go to places we have never been, fall to the mountain cos hubby grew up in the mountain (our annual pilgrim :):), winter visit FIL in the North East. Spring normally go places around Florida. That is why we live in a small house leh, $ spend on traveling :):).
Ha ha ha, my son was conceived in our 2nd summer holiday :) - Florida's South West coast, we were holidaying around the South West coast of Florida :). I think he was conceived in Siesta Key :).
Don't u family take summer off ?
BTW, do u live in the US ? If so, which part ?

ColourMeCrazy said...

Those gardens are gorgeous! Will you be going on vacation this year?

J.T. said...

Wow.. you went to the Vanderbilt home. I saw that on a documentary and told myself, I should visit it someday. :)

Must have been nice to be there.
Beautiful gardens.

jamy said...

Yes , colormecrazy, we are going to TN and North Carolina this summer.
I should get together all the places we have been the last 7 summers. It would be interesting.

kayatan said...

Jt, yes, it is very nice. Areas around the Biltmore areas very nice too. Even McDonald building looks European gothic building, can you believe ?

Bee said...

Jami, no summer here in Malaysia, we take vacation whenever we feel like to :)

kayatan said...

I did not realize you live in M. I always thought you live in Hawaii :)-