Making money from your own search engine.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I thought this is one of the cool features of Google, Google Co-op, it enable you to create your own search engine and at the same time make $ from your own searches. If you notice the right side bar, you will notice a small search engine called 'kopitiams'. You can search any words from my blog, for eg. if you type in Malaysia, these whole bunch of entries come up :
And if you click on the cache, you see all kind of Malaysia websites come up. I am not very sure if Google will pay me any $ if I click on the web. I need to confirm with my tech gurus :)-. But, even if Google does not pay me any $, I thought it is neat to be able to have my own search engine :)-.

Please try search something like husband , JJ etc... and see what comes up and click on cache and see what kind of advertisements come up.

I love this gadget :)-


CRIZ LAI said...

I think I do not have the space for that at the moment. I do not want my blog to be over cramp with too many facilities. Thanks anyway for this cool sharing :)

kayatan said...

Criz, my blog is like a rojak. Every time I discover a new making $ site, I link it. I don't really know how to make $ out of it yet but never mind. I treat this like a play ground :):). One day in the summer when I have a bit more free time, I will look into wordpress and get my own domain and then I will be as clean and net like our Wuching chifu :)-

casper said...

Hello Kawan,

Err no... if you clicked on your own search, Google will ban you. This is an extension to the adsense program (whcih also have a search box feature).

CRIZ LAI said...

ok...i get it. you are not suppose to click your own search engine?

Gosh...I just burp out my whole life in my latest 2 posts. Feel free to suffer from reading them :(

kuanhoong said...

If you create your own search engine from Google Co-op, then you are not earning money from it.

If you want to earn money from Google Search Engine, you can create one in Google AdSense.

Thus, clicking ads from the results page of Google Co-Op search engine won't result you any ban from Google AdSense.

kayatan said...

Wow, now all my sifu ('wu lin kau show') come to the scene, like the kungfu novels I used to read :)-

Kuanhoon, I have to find out what I installed :)-. Terima kesih banyak all sifus.