My personal review on paid post

Friday, June 29, 2007

This blog is served as an encouragement to new bloggers who want to make some part time income for writing paid post on their blogs.

I have received some $ from bloggerwave for the posts that I wrote for them. The money has long been transfered to my checking account from my paypal account. Since then I have not written new posts for bloggerwave because they have not posted any new post for me.

Today, Smorty emailed me that they are sending $ to my paypal account for the posts that I wrote for them. I was pleasantly surprised because it took a while for Smorty to approve my blog. But since they approved my blog, they have given me posts to write and I can say their payment system is very efficient. It did not take them very long to pay me.

The other company that I have signed up with was Blogitive. So far, Blogitive has not approved my blog yet. I am not too worry about it, when they felt that my blog is good enough for them, I am sure they will notify me.

The other one is CREAMaid. For CREAMaid, you don't have to register, all you do is you pick any conversations that you are interested in, you write and submit your post. They will email you if your post is approved. So far, I have only written one post for them and I have not heard from them yet.

The other company that I have registered longer than the others is payperpost. It takes me a while to get used to payperpost system. I got rejected quite a number of times in the beginning because I forget to link these and that or my post was shorter than the requirement. So far, I have written 7posts for them and they have approved 3 of them. I have not received any money from them yet for the posts they approved. Might be they have a payment system that I should look into it. I have not gotten the time to go about doing it yet.

And the last one that I nearly forget to mention is blogvertise. They did approve my blog long ago but I have never received any assignment from them until recently. I hope they will give me more as my blogging day progress :)-

In terms of money wise, time/$, I don't think writing for pay post is the most profitable kind of money for blogging. To me it is an active job and an active income, it is not a passive income. A passive income is an income that can be generated even when you are sleeping. Might be for Malaysian bloggers, it is a good revenue because of the exchange rate. Every US$100 would translate to RM$300+. But for us American, it is not so. Plus the fact that we have a lot more opportunities here that pay more or less kind of money. To me writing for paid post is a bit like doing medical coding or medical transcript, but in a smaller scale. Home business medical transcript is a US$1.7 billion business. Of course with medical coding and transcript, you need to attend some classes to acquired the skill for coding and transcript. With coding and transcript, there is no limit on the amount of work you want to put in, there are more jobs than people who are available to do it.

So you ask, why are you still doing paid post when you could be doing other things.Well, I enjoy writing, especially writing for travel post, the other thing is writing paid post helped me a lot in writing :). I am more conscious of my tenses and grammar. I am doing a course that required me to write a lot. In fact, blogging and writing paid posts have helped me in my writing for my class. One stone kills two bird. A bargain for me.

I think the very main reason I blog is the ability to connect with Malaysian or ex-Malaysians all over the world. I made a number of good cyber friends over the years of my cyber journey. I can name them here but I do not think it is appropriate for me to do it because I knew with my forgetful mind I tend to miss one or two names and that is not very kind of me to do that.

So I like to encourage everyone who wanted to take up this part time money making hobby, be patience, be persevere , never give up; and I am very sure that one of these days, one of these companies will ask you to write for them. I am no guru in telling you what to do with your content etc. I do not want to sound like some old mamak who think they knew it all by giving you all kind of advices. My only advice is don't worry , be happy even if your blogs have been rejected, rewrite and submit again, no big deal. Life is mean for us to enjoy :).

Don't worry , be happy !!!!!!!!!!!!

With that I am signing off from Sunshine Florida.


Wuching said...

PPP pays in 30 days

Health Freak Mommy said...

Thanks for all the encouragement and info.

kayatan said...

U are most welcome !
The bible said the more you receive the more you give.
I love to give whenever I can.
I am thankful that I live in an wonderful country where it provides me with unlimited opportunity.
I tried to post a comment on your site but I could not, the box does not show up ?

Gilberto Galea said...

Ok, I just join you in two or three opportunities.

Well, I hope that with hard work I find some of compensation.


ColourMeCrazy said...

That was a really interesting post! Thanks for all the tips about making $$ via blogs!

CRIZ LAI said... least I know what I am supposed to do when my blog is matured enough for sponsored reviews. Thanks for sharing.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Kayatan... u can post a comment but the comment will only appear after the blog owner's approval. But so far i've not received any comment from you.

Baju Murah said...

Blogging was started as a hobby, but then these people tried to monetize them and now you blog for $$$

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