A lazy gardener - 2

Monday, June 25, 2007

Anything that require a lot of work is outside my scope of gardening.

So you see tree, scrubs, palm and bushes and wild flower, ha ha ha ha.

This only need natural water, rain :)

This is planted by our neighbor 2 years ago before he passed away, it does have small white flower, very nice. You won't believe it started as a small bush :), now it is so big :)-

My holy bush :), it does has red berries during Christmas. I think my holy bush is really malnutritious cos my weeds grow as tall as my holy bush :)

And I love this scrubs cos it is free of maintenance :)-

Florida palm.

And the bird brought some seeds for this wild flower this year :)


kuanhoong said...

It is nice to see so many plants all around your house.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Woah!Everything look neat & tidy in ang moh land. Even the grass look nicer.Over here if u don't trim the grass see, it will turn into a jungle in no time. Have a nice day.

J.T. said...

It is nice to see a pretty lawn. Never mind if you did not plant the flowers yourself.
I miss my garden back in Louisiana.

kayatan said...

Sorry everyone, I did not reply earlier cos I was busy with my exam.
It is over, I am glad :)-

In fact, thank you for all your compliment.

In fact our lawn is very dry, we have a lot of dry patches here and there. I feel very malu when I look at my neighbor yard, sigh. The guy who lives right opposite of us treat his RV, Haley, lawn better than his girlfriend, I thought :).

So we feel very inferior compare to his lawn :)-