Thursday, June 14, 2007

I have just signed up with Blogsvertise. An income site for blogger.

Their blog advertising service is setup for bloggers and online journal writers to earn revenue/income from their online blog/journal. It is an easy to use, simple and effective system. It is free to register your blog. All you need to is just add your blog to their system for approval. Once hey approved your blog, your blog will go into the assignment queue. Their administrator will then assigns writing tasks for you base on what their advertisers requirement. However, you dont have to endorse the website product/service. All you do is mention it in your blog and link to the advertiser website 3 times in your entry.

The current payout rate for new accounts is $4 - $25 per entry. Most will fall into the $5-15 range.You will make money for each task assigned to you after you have completed and submitted for approval. Payout Rates will vary and are frequently based on popularity/traffic of blog as measured by independent third parties. Imagine that, if you are assigned 10 writing tasks; and you are able to complete them and get approved, you will earn $50-150 !

So what are you waiting for ? Sign up today !