When a man loves a woman

Friday, June 15, 2007

When we first got married, the advice that my father in law gave to his son was 'John, u are to help Jamy in all the housework like I helped your mama when she went to graduate school, remember.'

And my husband did, faithfully taken on the advice that his dad has given him 7years back.

And that is the result !

Just as well we don't have cat !

Oops , I am falling !


papajoneh said...

Send my "hi" to John. Cool Husband. I have to do this of thing too.. especially now my wife can't move freely. Oh well, when my son old enough to help me in the kitchen, only then I probably can take my break. :)

kayatan said...

Thank you very much. U are very kind.
When is yr wife due ?
I hope everything goes well.
Twins right ?

mama bok said...

Yer FIL is a wise man..!