What is the worst / best thing ever happened to you ?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

When we go through life, there are bound to be storms and sunshine. What are the worst thing or the best thing ever happened in your life ?

Have you been kicked out of the program you were studying not of your fault ? I had. Have you been fired for no reasons of your own but some wicked old lady or man fault ? I had. Have you been told in a relationship that he/she wanted to get out for non of your fault ? I had. Have you lost your pants one day when the stock market suddenly collapsed and all your portfolio became 0 , I mean zero zero ? I had. Have you been kicked at the back of your car when some idot decided to speed ? I had. Have you been pronounced by the doc that you have some kind of disease ? I have.

Life can seems to be glummy like this grommy winter weather in Dover, Delaware !

But never give up hope in the God you believe, your faith ! In my case, it is Jesus Christ and Christian faith ! During these glommy days, pray to HIM, read the bible and you will see rainbow ! HIS promise to all HIS children !

Anyone who is feeling down, I hope this article cheer you up. And I am remembering Cikgu Criz's mother in my prayer !


kuanhoong said...

I will pray for Chef aka Cikgu aka Criz Lai's mother too :-)

Simple American said...

Good words Seay! Glad you found strength from God and kept on going!

Thanks for visiting my blog too. :)

J.T. said...

Actually, I haven't summed up my life with the best or worst. Experiences are just that - experiences. Good and bad. I went throught it, learned some lessons along the way and made me who I am today.

Believing in God is also important. :)

Cirnelle said...

Hmmm... I wanted to say that I was an atheist who thinks that when you die, you're just maggot food, but then again, I'm not entirely convinced of that because I am scared to ghost stories.

So, I guess when bad things happen, I tend to credit the person's will power and problem solving skills learned from the school of hard knocks than anything else. That's just me. I am an abomination to the first requirement of the Rukun Negara. On paper, am Buddhist though.

Ken Xu said...

Pray and you shall be reward! :D
I'm praying for Criz too! :)

kayatan said...

Hi everyone,
I just came back from the hospital, not me sick lah, my clinical today lah.
Thank you for everyone input.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Most of what u mention happen to me already.Including stock crash!At least u still got ur pant on, me I lost everythings including my pant. Still trying to build up my financial life. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. Tq in advance & have a great weekend.BTW u have very cute kid.

kayatan said...

U read my investment or not ?
Have time read some. Might be u can buy some gold stocks (where are u ?).

beckhrooy said...