Like father like son !

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

JJ was a colicky baby for many months. It was hard on me. I gave up a lot of things for this boy :)-. I gave up my IT profession, change career for him. But, it is all worth it. :):). He has grown up so much, so much easy on us now. He is a good boy, sit in the church for service and bible studies ; and a very good traveler.
We flew to see grandpa at Dover last year. I thought this was so cute, like father and son :). His dad is a librarian, so is his late grandmother :). JJ loves his alphabets, letters and book :):).

What are the things you enjoy doing with your father ?


kuanhoong said...

WOW, I can see a future librarian there :-D

Wuching said...

unfortunately me & my dad were never close.

mama bok said...

Not much..! he was never home.

kayatan said...

I think he is too talkative to be one. His dad is so gentle and quiet, he cannot stop talking. We said he might be a politician cos he is so politically correct. If you ask him do u like papa more or mama ? He said hmmm..., let me think, I think both and give us a smile with a dimple on his cheek, very cute :). Then he will ask mama is my favorite friend and turn around and said papa and mama are my favorite friends . John and I think he is very very politically incline :)-.

Yes, Wuching and mama bok, that is our Asian symdrom :)-.

I respect my dad for everything he is. He loves me a whole lot I know and I love him that whole lot. But, we only talk business. But when I look at my husband and his dad, I am jealous, his dad and him talk non stop. Very close. Even I can talk more with my father in law than my own dad , sigh !!!!

papajoneh said...

i love this shot. For a papa, that will be dream come true.