Dream car

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Do u have a dream car ? I was reading Jacqui blog on dream car. I thought I jump into the band wagon.

Last year, I did a lot of home renovation project. We have an old Dodge van and I used it a lot in moving furniture (buying and selling). I wish I have a truck then I wouldn't need to tie my furnitue on my van roof top. My gf thought I was crazy cos one time I bought a kitchen cabinet and it was a little too big for my van and part of the door hang out of the trunk (the shop keeper helped me to tie it to the trunk's door.

A truck is really handy for family. You can haul all kind of stuffs , furnitures, renovation supplies such as woods ,pipes, paints and others , also u can haul all kind of garden supplier such as garden soil, mulch,plants, flowers etc... Plus most important part is big household items like fridge, oven, washer , dryer etc...

This is my dream car ! Hope to get it next year :)- Road bullies will stay away from me on interstate highway :)-. I am sure there is a reason for people to tell me I am eccentric.


J.T. said...


Thoughtful of you to link me. Appreciate it, my kawan.

You sure know the benefits of having a truck at home. My husband always had one for years (not monster though). When we came to Germany, we moved to cars.

Now, we have a truck again. It is a Dodge Ram 150. Definitely helpful in hauling all those things you mentioned.

I hope you get your dream car. Much more obtainable than my dream cars. hahaha
If I had that kind of money, I still wouldn't buy that Mercedes. I can do lots more with that money than splurge that insane sum on one car. :)

kayatan said...

No problem Jac.

I have a dodge van. I cant wait to own my chevy monster truck :)-

If I said I don't like Mercs, I lie. I like Merc cos it is so smooth. If ever u drive Mercs, u don't want to drive any kind of car anymore but I am not that rich to drive Mercs lah :)- The other car I really like is Lamborgini (simple spell ok), very sleek car.

I nearly pensan when Sultan of Brunei wave to me from his Lamborgini. Neelam said to me, a, don't pensan lah, Sultan does it all the time to his rakyat. But, I still pensan :)-. I lived on the same road as his palace then. It is so shiok to be waved by the Sultan from his Lambogini lah :)-. Happy lah :)