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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Do you feel appreciate at the work that you do ?
Does anyone send you a card or flowers to say you did a good job.

Few months ago, one of my clients gave me this as an appreciation of a good job I have done. She said I made a difference in her life. I was touched.

That's the flower she and her family gave me.

Do you like to share with me moment in your life where you are appreciated in your work.


CRIZ LAI said...

I appreciate Life itself. I am the kind that will help any souls within my means and do not wish to receive any token of appreciation in that matter. But, it's thoughtful if someone just pat me on my shoulder and says, "You have dome well!"

Well, since your client gave you such a lovely flowers, it shows only one thing. In your pursuit in Life, you have touched his/her heart with your golden fingers. Keep that spirit ongoing Jamy. All the best :)

kayatan said...

Thank you Criz. In fact, I did not do a whole lot of things to her. I just treat her like I would treat my mother or father when they are in the hospital but I suppose people nowaday are so busy, even a simple touch or reading a page from the bible is hard to come by this day.
I think you have done a good job with your blog.
I can see you write from the bottom of your heart. I believe those words touch people soul.