The capitalist land

Saturday, June 16, 2007

My husband and I are very spoiled in term of house chores. We used to have a gal who came clean our house every week until she got married and we have not find anyone suitable; and we always have some one to do our lawn. In the place where we live there are a few guys who do mowing of lawns for people who are lazy like us :). Ha ha ha, not really lah, we have quite a fair size of retiree in our place :), the North birds (retirees from up North).

This guy is very enterprising, in fact, he works for the prison. He started doing the lawn biz with his son on a part time basic (afternoon and Saturday when he is off work). They start with a small push lawn mower then they bought a small disel engine lawn mower ; and now now look what they got now ? A huge John Deere tractor :). John Deere is such an American symbol , like the Marlboro man :)-

And there are other guys who started pressure wash business, they wash the home's siding (wall) for you and the concrete floor at the walkway etc.

And that is why I love America, the land of the capitalist. The sky is your limit.

There are all kind of business under the sun of capitalist land :):). I wonder why the Wuching the so kiasu can die fellow does not want to move here, he does not have to wait till 12midnite lah :)-

And the guy broke our garden pipe :)-

Happy mowing the lawn :)-


kuanhoong said...

I can do your lawn, wash your walls and even be a good security guard if you pay me well...hehe

America, here I come...:P

kayatan said...

Aiya, Don't say that KH.

Auntie Jamy find you a nice American Chinese girl, isn't that better ?

Then u can bring all yr family here, buy a 50acres land, have plenty of anak and build a KH ecommerce empire :)-
That sound like a better plan eh ?

Wuching said...

so easy say meh? say move just move? hahahahaha..sue the guy kau kau for breaking the pipe!

Cirnelle said...

Hahahahahaha! And here, my uncle still cuts his grass (in the literal sense) with his... (err, whatchiu call that big scissors thing?), sitting on a low bench.

kayatan said...

Aiya Wuching, not his fault lah, accident happens. He also does not want this kind of things to happen lah. Poor guy he has so many hses to do and this has to happen. He has to go home and get his repair gear. Took him abt 20 mins to fix it. I knew a no. of IT Aussie guy here. They said easier to charry makan than back home.

Ha ha ha, Cirnelle, I don't think we have a lot of grass to cut back home unless u live in detached hse lah. Here, without those big monster it is hard cos if u have 10 to 20 acres of land, mati lah.

I told my hubby when we move to our country land, I am going to buy a lot of kambings so we don't have to do any mowing :) One of my gfs have a lot of kambings and they do a good jobs by eating all the grass but produce lots of kambing milk :). One stone kills 2 birds, that is what I like :):).

Cirnelle said...

Yes, my uncle's is a bungalow with some compound. I might run that goat idea by him next time I see him bent over snipping the grass.

kayatan said...

U mean the kambing or the machine ?

Cirnelle said...

bbbbbaaaa! more eco-friendly.

kayatan said...

+ free goat milk :)-. Bargain again :)-