What a Chinese approach !

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Do you think Malaysia will follow suit ? :)-


PrincessJournals said...

1 thing for sure, i miss my hairdresser back home. sob sob!

kayatan said...

Me too, Farina.

U know the smaller town u go, the better the wash is.

I was in this really small town in Limbang (heard of it ? ).

I thought this time die lah, no hairdresser who i knew.

I walked into a saloon, the lady wash my hair, massage for abt 30mins then she blow it dry, so straight. Only RM$8. I kesian her cos my hair was so thick and long,take so long to dry. I bagi her a bit tip.

When I was in K.L, the most was and dry 30mins lah.

U know I like Hong Kong hairdresser , esp the man sifu, they blow hair really good kungfu, they do not need comb, they can blow it so straight, it is amazing.

PrincessJournals said...

yes yes. id never go to those upmarket salon at klcc or wht not. mine is nearby my parents place. even hubby loved tht place. yelah, where else can u get hairwash/cut and massage for rm20. i esp love goin on weekday when theyr not busy so theyl spend 1hr just washing/massage and blow style my hair. here in the US where got? huhu..