Do you have dowry ?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I have :):):)

Over the years, my mother bought gold for me and my sister and I personally have bought and collected some.
This is my dowry. I showed my girlfriend in my the wedding shower party that my American girlfriends gave me.

I am showing you off here. :):). Share with me if you have dowry for your wedding !


J.T. said...

I did not have dowry (or rather, I don't call mine dowry). My late mum and some relatives/friends gave me some gold. Mostly I received 'ampau' from my guests.

Wuching said...

aiks! for a split second i thot its those special underwear girls wear back in the olden china days! u know the ones i'm talking about lah...hehehe so sexciting can die!

Cirnelle said...

I was never a fan of gold, so, I asked for silverish stuff - can ask some more one, this muka tembok girl... I even had the cheek to ask for white gold (gasp!). What to do? I hated the colour gold.

Anyway, apparently, gold is a must for dowry or gift from in-laws, whether I like it or not and whether I wear them or not in the end. But the best gift I got was a watch. Useful and not gold.

mama bok said...

I did have a dowry .. a pathetic chain.. from my mum.. who told me. .that she can't afford more.. because she have gotta save her money for my brother's wedding... muahhahahha!!
Too funny..!

ColourMeCrazy said...

I didn't have dowry either but family and some family friends gave me some gold for the wedding - but I don't really wear gold so it sits safely hidden away somewhere in my mum's house back in Melbourne!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

So that is where all my reaction to red bomb gone to ( it is my recent entry about wedding ).Interesting post! Have a nice day.

kuanhoong said...

Si-Tao-Poh very rich. So what is your address huh.. maybe I can send some mah-chai over there.. hehe

kayatan said...

U very out dated oleri, even though u are my tech sifu, u don't know that nowsaday got safety box eh ? Ask yr mah-chai over lah, I feed him good food and give him good job, he turn from mah chai to tuakay lah :)-

kayatan said...

Ya Wuching hapsap, only u think of that. U seen Wuching movie too much :)-.

Bee said...

I don't have dowry, but my mother instead to give me a necklace passing from my grandmother. I told all my family members that I don't wear jewelry one so they all gave me angpow.

kayatan said...

Colormecrazy and Cirnelle, u too sudah very angmoh oleri. 1 from austla , one studied in australa like angmo don't like 24gold, like my sis and my sister in law . My sis sudah like angmo cos lived angmo tempat too long tell mother she does not like her 24gold, my sis in law angmo cha bo so told mother in law (my old lady) she does not like 24gold and guess who untung lah. Ha ha ha ha, the capitalist in Amdelka lah, another bargain technique , when all the people do not realized the value.

My mother said when she gone long mountain sell salted eggs, she gives me all her 24old. I thought to myself, these 2 women very stupid one lah, they don't know gold has gone from US$250/oz to US$650/oz within 5yrs meh ?

But I very good sis one, I will see how much all the gold will cost, I will sell some of them, leave some from sentimental value, then use the $ to invest in gold stock, I will send these 2 silly women some $ lah. They too naive don't know gold value lah. Just said they don't like yellow gold.

I am for one very like yellow gold. They are real $. I have a gold account in Uk, I can use that account to pay merchants cos there are a lot of merchants nowsaday accept gold as money leh. Yesterday one of the gold stocks I recommended 2-3mths ago went from 90cents to $3. I so happy until I left my book in the hospital forget to bring back, last nite I want to read also cannot.

If u think I bohong, read my investment blog and the stock is call breakwater resource, no bohong one.

This 10yrs belong to gold...

kayatan said...

From now on, I want my woman reader to love gold even u don't like the color, ha ha ha ha ha ha. If people give u , u don't like ,send it to me. I pay u $ for it :), ha ha ha ha ha.

kayatan said...

hornyangmo, share u red bomb experience leh :)

kayatan said...

Jt and BE,
I wish I know u guys earlier cos you can send me all yr gold, ha ha ha ha ha.

Health Freak Mommy said...

All my dowry r safely kept in the Safe Deposit Box. I hardly wear any jewelery eversince my 2 gals came along. said...

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