Capitalist and friend

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Some of you might think that I am so money minded capitalist but you might not know the other side of me, sentimental and very emotional :)-.

If you see the number of friends that I kept for life, you know I am someone who treasure deep and meaningful friendship.

I knew this gal when she was 21, I was 6years older than her. When I first knew her, she was in her 1st yr of architecture degree. The 2 of us has developed a very close friendship that it really broke our heart do part. She is very artistic and still is, she handmade this card for me and I have been carrying it where ever I relocate. It has been with me for the last 17years. The day I left Australia to embark my round the world trip before I returned to Malaysia.

These are pictures she had taken in Australia in our outings together .

See how creative she is , my footprint from Australia back to Malaysia :)

This sunset view was taken from the apartment that I lived for a long time. Many oversea Malaysian students had dinned, slept, practice songs , and spend many of their lovely afternoon at my apartment. The apartment had a wonderful view of Sydney sky :). That pointed building was a church building near by. My apartment was on Brown street, along King street, anyone who has lived in Sydney would know King street !

La Mer - the sea, the beach named the rock ; and of course the Australian gum nut that she collected as part of memory for my Australia days.

It is wonderful to have long lasting friendship that you can keep for life !

If you wanted to see what she wrote on the card, u can click on it and see a larger version picture of them :)-

I am thinking of you Tina @ Singapore !


Wuching said...

u still keep in touch?

kayatan said...

Yup !

Bee said...

I love friendship that can last forever no matter when and no matter where.

kayatan said...

BE, me too !