Do you keep your friends for life or you treat them like your underwear ?

Monday, June 04, 2007

I don't have a lot of friends because I am choosy and can be cocky at times. But, there are a few of them I keep them for life.

I knew these 3 girls since we were 7. We were classmate in our primary school, Chung Hua Primary School No.3. We even went high school together.

Of the girl has became widow 6years ago , a year after I left M. He was one of my high school classmates. The other one also married one of my high school classmates, they live happily after in Kuching; and finally the other one, she is not only my classmate but also my neighbor for many years. There were very few girls in my form 4 Science class. There were 13 girls out of 48 students. There were 7 of us who got along very well, they called us the seven golden flowers (Chinese school lah, what do u expect :):):). The other 3 whom you did not see in the pictures, one of them resides in London; 2 of them whom I have grown apart (not only distance but friendship, in short we gadoh lah (:, not gam anymore). So last year, when I got home, I asked them to minum kopi. I think it must be hard for them not to invite the other 2 whom I no longer talk to. I feel bad that I put them into such predicament, but such is life !

We met at a trendy cafe @ Padungan road, chatted from 2pm to 7pm then we walked cross the street to have dinner @ Taiwan noddles house.

Most of my friends are for keep !

What about you ? You keep your friends or you change them like your underwear ? no change busuk lah :):).


J.T. said...

Hi Jamy
One of those girls there looks like Adeline Kua. Is that her or do I have a case of mistaken identity?
Most of my friends are for keeps. Of course, with my father having moved after I left primary school, I lost the ones from that era. I still have friends from my secondary school. :)

wuching said...

a real friend is one that still stick by u even after all the crap u put him/her thru!

kayatan said...

Sorry, J.T, bukan lah. All of these girls does not have any Western or Christian name. All Chinese name :)

Wuching, so true !

FH2o said...

Friends are for keeps but people and circumstances change ... and some of my 'best friends' are unfortunately not anymore! But that's not necessary a bad thing - I think!

I had changed so much over the years (for d better I think?) that some ppl just cannot accept the 'new'(?) me. *sigh*

Still I'm happy for you to have such wonderful and lasting friends. Priceless.

Bee Ean Tee said...


How come you gaduh with the other two. Tell us the story lah hehe.

I keep in touch with my friends in Malaysia, mostly those we have known for a long time from school. However, thing has since changed so much, they have moved on with wedding and babies. So it's always difficult to fix a date to meet.

kayatan said...


1 becoz of Biz issue. Both sides at fault lah, but I decided not to be friend, senang for me.

The other one even I talked also marah. This girl lied to me big time and I did not even know. She told me I will be the first she would tell if she has a bf. The day when she got engaged, she asked her sis to send me the red packet.

Apparently, a few of my gfs told me she felt that if she introduced her bf to me, her bf might be attracted to me cos I am very attractive. (I am flattered but I don't think I am that attractive to steal people bf)

I knew her for a long times. We were the last few singles in our high school class. When I got back from Aust, I hanged around with her a lot. She's from very poor family. I got her sis to be my personal assistance from RM350/mth to RM1000/mth. I nearly got into trouble by my director for giving her such a high start salary. Her sis went to 'Tuk Choong', English extremely poor, both writing and oral. Her mom kept asking me to help her, so I did.

So I did everything I can to help her (her biz, I introduce people for her), got her sis a higher pay job. And whenever I have company parties, I invited her cos she said she did not know VIP people. I was an idiot really, she was patoing for 5yrs and I did not even know it.

When all my gfs told me that I was stunned, how could someone lied to me for 5yrs when I did so many favors for her ? It is unbelievable people heart, you know.

But, never mind lah, Chinese say, 'ying ko paw in' lah, let others take advantage of you and you have good things happen to you. That is my AQ attitude lah.

She asked my email from all my gfs, they wrote to me ask if they should give or not, I said if anyone of them give, I will change face. No body did. I am glad.

I hope I write clear enough, ha ha ha .

kayatan said...

Yes, life take us to many phases of life, we have never could have imagine.

Quote Forest Gump : " Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you will get."

Yes, these are friends whom I will easily catch up with from where we left off.

I last saw them 8yrs ago. They told me I have never changed a bit :)-. They said I did not even have any American air. They are surprised that I still remember so many Hokkien 'chow yua' , ha ha ha ha.

Bee said...

Yes Jamy,

Thanks for sharing. I have never in this kind of situation with anyone, but in this case you have all the right to be distanced from her. I think you are too successful that she feel threaten but couldn't resist your helps either.

CRIZ LAI said...

You may lose some friends along the way but the Circle of Friendship will not be broken as you gain more and more and more as you move forward in your lives. Friendship Forever? :)

kayatan said...

Yes, you are right !