Do you know about Smorty ?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I have just been approved by Smorty.

get paid to blog

Smorty is a service connecting advertisers with bloggers.

For blogger , you get paid for blogging. You get to write your opinion about peoples products, services and websites on your blog. It is one of the fastest way to get paid for blogging.

For advertiser , advertising has never come easier . Get blogger to review your website. You only need to pay for the posts you approve. Beside, each of the article has unique content that links back to the advertiser.

According to The Blog Herald , there are over 62.66 million blogs out there in the cyberworld. There are 36.2 million bloggers in the Anglosphere US/ Canada/ UK/ Australia/ NZ; 24.35million bloggers in Asia - China, Japan, South Korea, Indian and Other Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Phillipines); Europe 2million; Africa: 10,000+; Middle East about 100,000.

Blogging advertisement is the next
millennium mode of advertisement.

So, bloggers out there if you have not join Smorty, you should start today. Register your blog with smorty and see money flowing in your bank !!! Advertisers out there, you should also hurry up and register with smorty. You will see your website ranking skyrocketing in no times. Every advertiser out there, you should start creating an advertising campaign for blogger to write about your services. An unique review article will be written for you about your services and link back to your website using your own unique specific keywords.

It won't be long before
blog advertising sends your rankings skyrocketing. Smorty can create thousands of articles written about your site and build thousands of high quality links.


mama bok said...

Congrats..!! smorty is a very good paymaster.. :) i've done a few opp for them already. :)

kayatan said...

I wish I have more times . I am working on my licensing first. Once I got it, I can concentrate in doing other things.
Now I write very little even though they give me more than I can write.

Health Freak Mommy said...

COngrats Kayatan. I m now waiting 4 my blog to turn 3 mths next mth so that I can apply to Smorty too.
BTW, is Kayatan your real name? Wow, your name sounds rich & prosperous!

kayatan said...

It won't be too far away now :)-.
Ha ha ha ha, no lah, my name is Jamy :)-.
I have another blog that I blog everything abt $, investment :), so I choose kaya :), tan is my last name. I did not change my maiden name :) cos I hope one day to write a book :). Jamy tan (people might think I am Amy tan sister :):):):)).
Yes, I can't complaint lah so far, my gold silver investment have been very good to me the last 5yrs loh :)