Young Millionaires

Friday, June 22, 2007

Whenever I read news like this, I crunched. I often wonder why it is so common to obtain such kind of success in such young age in America than any other country such as Malaysia.

Is it due to the government policies ? education or culture ?
Are we depriving our young people when we have not even figure this out ? as documented by this blog (a friend in my younger Australia day) or we are setting our priority wrong somewhere ? eg Karen Armstrong on religious diversity in Malaysia ?

The hidden millionaires !!!

Google to buy YouTube in $1.65 billion stock deal

Will he be as successful if he has born in Malaysia. This blog is not mean to undermined Malaysia or its government but to challenge my young readers who reside in M or abroad that what ingredients that are lacking in order for us to have an equal playing field ?


zewt said...

i just think there are more opportunities in the states. there are ppl who made it here... but certainly not on the same scale of the goggledudes...

kayatan said...

Zewt, I have been waiting for comment. But none until you. Good on you.

Recently, I studied the constitution of America because of my naturalization process.

Now I can understand what my pastor in Australia had told me many years back about the difference in Australia and American independent origin.

He said to me (he is an English man whose dad's trade brought them to Aust.) America is founded on religion freedom but Australia was founded by the British.

Aust. very 1st whites were England ex convict. The 1st whites in America were pilgrim fathers.The English dumped the convicts in Aust.,but the Americans freed from British oppressed religion.

When I read the declaration of Independence on what this nation believe (at least the forefather), I shed a few tears (not crocodile tear and real genuine tear of appreciation).

It said we believe that all men are created equal and has the right to life and liberty to pursue happiness.

I love the equal, creation, life and happiness.

Though America has deviated a lot from its independent day but this nation is founded on the belief of a God who create !!!! and life and the liberty to pursue happiness.

And one of the interesting thing I learn is you need to give up your title to be a citizen, so everyone here is equal, there is no Sir, no datuk, no Datin, no Tan Sri !I thought what a contrast from where I came from.

Even though Aust. is among the industralized nation, there is no way it can compare with America in terms of development. I personally think a lot has to do with the differences in its foundation's origin.

Equal, free, life, happiness.

That is why I said sky is the limit here. The 1st link that I posted
is a young man of 24 who achieve million in the internet world.

For those of us who have made it to American shore, what are the things we can do to import this idea to Malaysia ?

zewt said...

i know about aust being an island designed by the british to 'house' convicts.... unwanted ppl... but what has that gotta to with me? i am still in malaysia... :)

kayatan said...

Nothing, Zewt, just relate my experience with you since these are 2 countries I live abroad the longest. said...

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