Big car big cross

Friday, June 08, 2007

When I first visited US in 1990, I thought wow, most things in US are big. People are big , cars big, huge open air, huge highway, and huge supermarket etc.

Look at this huge limousine and big cross in San Diego :)-

Do you like to share your experience about something or event that is 'big' in US ?


wuching said...

we got big banana here in queensland.

kayatan said...

Yalah I know, I went there 1988. In Aust, very susah to find 'keklang choi'.

papajoneh said...

Man, that Cross is BIIIIGGGG!!!!

kayatan said...

Yes, papajohneh, it is a memorial site for warriors who died in the war.
I told u a lot of big things in US :)-