When do you start your 1st lie ?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

When I look at my son, he looks so innocent and I wish he will remain that way forever. But, that is a wishful thinking ! With an innact sinful human nature, he is going to lie someday, do things behind my back :).

At the moment, he is such a joy to have and is a gift for mother hood because he is always happy and cheerful :). I sincerely have so much fun with this boy :)-

When you start lying to your mama ? Be honest :).


kuanhoong said...

I doubt anyone can remember their exact time when they lied for the first.

Sometimes a simple excuse can be a small lie too.

To lie is human nature. Just like to commit sin. Remember we are all sinful living beings :-)

kayatan said...

Dear KH,
U did not inform me that you have taken over Cikgu Criz post ?

kayatan said...

I mean title !

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! I don't remember when is my first lie! Too old to remember. But sometime laying is nessary. Don't u agree? Have a nice weekend.

kayatan said...

hor ny ang moh,
I love yr avatar !
Why u suddenly appear and disappear ?
Did u receive my cyber kiss and hugs ?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! I also don't know, actually I know nut about internet.I saw that u sent ur cyber kiss & hug, but I didn't received leh. BTW what is 'avatar'?? Tq anyway for ur k&h. Have a nice day.

JennyHow said...

i lied alot to my mom during kindergarten...hehe, i still remember them. makes me smile when i think of it. hehe, but cannot tell you lah :P

kayatan said...

Kindergarten ? wow, u start young ! :):):):):)