Life changes the last 10 years

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The last 10years has been one of those phase in my life where I experience most changes. Not to say other phases of my life has less changes :)- but I would say these 10 yrs have been overwhelming for me.

1st, I move miles away to be married, then I had an open heart and implanted a pacer, then I got pregnant and now I am an American. If you asked me in 1995, would I have thought my life would take this path, I would tell you not in a million years.

From an iron lady to a 'yellow face' wife is a phase I welcome and I enjoy being a wify and a mommy :)-. Nothing in the world matter that much than my family :)-.

So here are the changes :)

How about you ? my dear readers ? care to share the last 10years of your life changes ?

Terima kasih banyak banyak :)-


papajoneh said...

I agree nothing in the world matter than our family.
wow, 10 yrs... hmm thats another worthy blog posting.. but let me cut it short. I am glad that my wife chose me, if not, i will still be the bachelor that every girl hate :D

I would say, I'm happy all this while. 10 yrs is the magic number for us. It is how long we known each other. :)

Wuching said...

very boring wan la my life!

J.T. said...

My last 10 years have been summarised in my previous postings.
Thanks for sharing yours. What a change huh?
10 years ago, I was still 'dating' my husband. Never knew if we were going to get married.

By the way, it is ironic that, today, I am able to read your postings long enough. I usually get an error message pretty quick. So if you don't see me in your blog is because something kicks me out. Some conflict somewhere. Happens only when I come to your blog. Sorry. :)

Bee said...


You know my story lah. Ten years ago I was admitted to local U. After graduate went to US to work. Met my husband there so now in France. Basically moving here and there and dealing with life changes.