Fish from the Atlantic, Daytona 500

Sunday, June 10, 2007

While we were having our lunch after church this afternoon, someone knock hard on our back door. One of our neighbors asked us if we want any fish, he just got back from fishing. Apparently he fishes a lot near the Atlantic coast. Heard of Daytona Beach ? Daytona speed way ? Daytona 500 ?


Apparently, the guy like to take his boat there to fish. Daytona beach is one of the in beach :). We dont' go there a lot , it is not that far to us, I think abt 2hrs drive.

I only know the red ones are snapper , the other big one I have no clue what it is. I cut off all the heads, (since it is free, no need to be save lah). I merinated the big fish with soy sauce some Italian herbs and bake it in the oven because I have no clue of how to cook it. My god, it turns out to be very tasty. The meat itself is so thick, no bone at all (only the big ones that hold the fish body).

U know what I am going to do now ? Cook him some Chinese noddles and exchange for some fresh fish from Atlantic ocean every week. Do u think it is a good bater trade ? :):)

In fact, I don't really know this neighbor, he must have gotten so much fish that he gives them away so many. This guy hobby is fishing.

That is why I say I love Florida, fresh fish, beaches and sunshine :)-


Wuching said...

cook kali hu tau!

kayatan said...

Yalah, I forgot kali hu tau, ya. Wuching thanks for good tip.

CRIZ LAI said...

Curry Fish Head? Common lar...cook Otak Otak (Spicy Egg Paste with chopped fish head wrapped in banana leave and steam)...Slurps...missed cooking that as I no longer go out to the deep sea.

Another way is that you can grill the fillet and top with some buttered garlic with herbs sauce...It's yummy too.

Or...coat the small slices of fillet with tempura flour and deep fry it to golden brown. Served with fried/soup noodles.

Or deep fry the fillet with some bread crumb and serve with lemon/orange/tomato gravy.

Make sure you have lots of salad or coleslaw to go with them.

Gosh...why every time I see food, I will go blah blah blah and blah nonstop ar? :P

p/s: you should have taken a shot of the fish before you cut it so that I can identify them for you next time :)