Economical healthy fast food

Friday, June 15, 2007

I will be extremely busy the next few days, lots of clinical, papers, exams and travel. I do not want to compromise my family healthy eating habit but I also could not spend much times cooking, so I come up with this economical healthy fast food :)-

These are the ingredients : (amount depend on your potion)
1. spaghati sauce
2. celery
3. mushroom
4. onion
5. Northern great bean
6. Ground turkey meat
7. Macroroni
8. Extra firm tofu
9. A crockpot with timing setting.

In my case, it will be a 6hrs. By the time, mama goes to bed tonight after study, the food should be ready to be transferedr to pyrex ware into the freezer !

I like this kind of food because it has the complete food group recommended by America department of agriculture pyramid food group (USDA), it contains protein, carb and veg.


Wuching said...

pasta sauce is a great idea, my bini cooks a big pot & store them for days when we need quick & easy foods!

papajoneh said...

waaaahhhhh.. healthy food. and full to the top some more :shock:
I never eat such complete ingredient. Maybe I should one day :)

kayatan said...

Yes, Wuching, it is handy !

Papajoneh, It is the easiest thing I can do lah.
Meat oleri ground, taufu precut, just hamtan all the ingredient in.
Also very cheap lah.
The meat cost me $4, mushroom $2, pasta sauce $2, taufu $1, macroroni 80cents.
In fact, the crock pot is too small, I have another pot to get all in.
All in all, semua cost me less than $10. And it will last us for quite a few days leh.
Food in US is very cheap !
When I visit Malaysia, I kesian people there lah, $ so small, things so expensive. Go one trip of grocery shopping in supermarket, u can to at least pull out $50-$100, otherwise mana enough, right ?

Health Freak Mommy said...

Yr healthy recipe sounds yummy. Let me try it for my gals, i think they will like it since they like pastas & spaghetti.
Yup, everything in KL is damn expensive. Our grocery bill per mth is around RM1k!

ColourMeCrazy said...

Hey - the meal almost cooks itself ;-) What did you season it with?

kayatan said...

My usual herb lah, rosemarry, oregano, theme, garlic, garlic salt. The pasta sauce itself is oleri seasoned enough I think.

Yap, the meal cook itself.

I add on some garlic bread for the 2men in the home.

JJ is very picky eater. He dislike veg so this is like a comofl. for him cos he likes pasta and meat.

kayatan said...

Hi Healthfreakmommy,

thaks for dropping by. Yes, I know how expensive it is back home.
I was home last yr and bought a lot of things for my mom. Each time I went out, I spend a fair bit for her, bought her stuff etc. $ goes like water one back home.

Here at least not that bad lah, even with exchange rate, things are so much reasonable here.

If u earn $ here, it is so much better than back home.

J.T. said...

Ah.. the days when I depended on a slow cooker to do my cooking. Pop everything in and a meal is ready at home, even when i am not at home.
Husband still comes back to a hot meal. :)

But for those who are waiting to be served like king... too bad lah. Some women are lucky who have husbands who will get food for themselves - where to find stuff in the kitchen, that is another story. :)

Bee said...


The macroroni won't get too soft smimmering for 6 hours? I like the concept of putting tofu and pasta together. Slow cooker is such a handy kitchen equipment, I'm surprised non of the French I know use it.

kayatan said...

Mine has never cooked since we got married :). Not that he does not want, he does not know how. He will buy all frozen dinner or pizza if I don't cook. I am not complaining but he is very good in helping me in other chores, like getting laundry dump in to the washer and pick up from dryer (of course I fold them lah :) cos he might mix my casual/formal in same closet, he he he he he). But he is a compliment to a cook , eat anything love anything the chef cook :):)-

BE, it is ok for JJ cos he likes soft macroni andr dh who is not fussy but if you feel that it is too soft, add on abt 3 hrs later, might be better.

Yes, I like tofu with a lot of things. I tend to add tofu to our dish a lot so we don't eat too much meat. This is the first time I bought precut tofu. It is a little bit expensive. The non-cut is 59cents a pack, precut is $1.20 so I bought the precut, easier :)-

CRIZ LAI said...

Geez...10 bucks for all that? I usually spend about RM50 or more to get those ingredients. At times, I can be rather picky in the pasta sauce. I rather make my own. LOL. As for the softness of the pasta, Asians prefer them soft. If you provide them the way the Italians take pasta, they will say, "Crazy ar...feed me with rubberbands?" Haha!

I have yet to try putting tofu into pasta recipes. I might try it one day. Sometimes, I just use raw soft tofu, chilled it, topped with some chopped fried garlic plus oil and some soya sauce. Simple and healthy too. And it's surely the easiest way for a busy mother :P

kayatan said...


In fact, I have another pot cos too much in 1 pot.

Yes, in term of $ vs spending power , $ goes a longer way here than in Malaysia. That is why they say it is a land of opp.

I like yr idea abt the tofu. I did I did not know u can eat raw tofu but come to think abt it, they use tofu to make smoothie drink here, so I suppose it is ok to eat raw.

In fact, the angmo here bake their macroroni with cheese.

This is a simple receipe :

1.Use a big wooden spoon stir these ingredients all togehter
(Macroni(cooked) + can tuna + green peas + egg)

2. Springkle bread crumb

3. add on grated cheese

Bake for 30mins , bingo you get a bake macroroni and cheese :)-