To my tech gurus, Casper & Kuanhoong

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I thought this video will bring you guys good memory.
So enjoy my 2 sifus :)-


papajoneh said...

thanks for video. Love it. Gates is my idol :)

papajoneh said...

how do i get such video? this is a sponsored posting? video?

kayatan said...

PapaJoneh, click mash then it will takes u to thenewsroom. Enjoy !

kuanhoong said...

Nice. But too bad I am not a fan of Bill Gates :-)

J.T. said...

Hi Jamy
Each time I click on your blog, my computer says there is an error. I think there is some kind of conflict somewhere. I do manage to get the comment window open but never get to read your postings to the end - error message.
In any case, I like Bill Gates. He is an excellent example of how much one man can achieve in life. And it all began in his garage. :)

kayatan said...

KH, I don't know Bill Gates well but due to my ex boss constantly direct me to America business model so I do read some of his book and biz model.
One of book abt him that I found very useful in my mgt still is 'Doing business in the speed of light'

I revolunised the way I manage my company after read the book.

Automating my biz is the 1st thing I do to get efficiency.

These might seem turtle step now but in the late 90's it was consider a new idea.

Before automation, all students hand in their printed assignments to the lecturers, after automation, all students handed their assignments on line.

I used to read lecturers comments on students via paper. My secretary collected the lecturers input and passed on to me. After I read I handed to my secretary and then she passed on to them.

After automation, they send in to me electronically, I send back to them electronically.

We used to us 13-15 rings of paper (A4) a day after automation, it cut down to less than 1.

Then all the depts (sales, inventory etc) follow suits.

Even our promotion brochures is PRN (print as needed).

At that time, Singapore did not even come up to my standard. We bought the frenchie from them but our school run more efficient than any center within the frenchie system. That is why I was invited to write about the secret of success in 1999 biz forum for the biz frenchie.

Likewise during the Apex meeting in B., the local employment Fed agency wanted me to give a talk on efficiency of labor.

All that has to give thanks to Gates biz model, I copy some of the ideas.

kayatan said...

J.T, I am sorry that u face some problems there. Has it resolved ?
I remember BE talked abt some problems on the video. I did notice same problem like BE when I use the computer in school.
Let me know if u still face that problem, might be some of my tech gurus can help.
KH, do u think u can help ? said...

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