Life of a dedicated father

Sunday, June 03, 2007

These are some snips of how dedicated my husband is to our little boy.

I had made many stupid decisions in my life but marrying him is the best decision I have ever made in my life.

Though, I had a lot of negatives remarks when people heard of my internet relationship, but I had some very strong support. The 2 strong support were Neelam and my ex boss, Mr Kim. I had to say my ex boss Mr Kim was one of the rare kind of bosses in this world. He told me he was very sad that I had to leave his company ( I used to be one of his right hand women) but he wanted me to have a family. I used to run Informatics school in Brunei. I had my own apartment or rather the whole school compound. It was lonely being single. What do you do when you come home and there's the empty 4 walls ?

I strongly believe that man and woman are mean to get married except for some exception cases. It is good to have a family. My boy often come around me and kiss me at my cheek, my lip, my hair and said 'Mama, I love you.' I thought that is so priceless, it is worth more than being voted as the most successful manager in the Informatics world.

For those of you who are single, I pray that someday you will find your soul mate !


Bee Ean Tee said...


When you were 25 did you already feel that family is more important than career?

I believe your career successfullness led you to appreciate the current life. There are a lot of women who have happy family, still dreaming of having a good career bcos they have never experienced it.

kayatan said...


When I was in my 20's, I did not even dream of marriage because I was supporting both siblings, their eduction etc...

I worked so many jobs that I hardly had anytime for myself,let alone 'pat tow'. I was very dedicated to them.

Wow, when my sis graduated, I was really thrilled cos 1/2 of my burdens were gone. Then my bro finished a yr later, boy, then I was really thrilled,one of the happiest moment of my life. I told myself I am free !

That is when I took a yr off backpack :)-, no responsibilities anymore. After a yr of bohemian lifestyle, I finally went back to Malaysia to work cos I need to support myself then, ha ha ha.

In fact, though I like Australia, I've never wanted to live oversea.I stayed on in Aust. after graduate is because my job was very good and I earned quite a fair bit of $. I was scared if I went back to Malaysia, I might not have that kind of $ to support them.

My bro always worried abt me. He worried that in Australia, there weren't many Asians and I was not able to find any Asian man to get married. I was very 'cingcong' thinking, I only wanted to marry Chinese. Yes, as Westernized in a lot of areas :), I am still very 'cingcong' in a lot of my thinkings. He was constantly worried if I will be forever spinster :):). He knew that I sacrify my 'chin choon' for them.

I started looking for guys :) when I started working in Malaysia. I was abt 34 then. That is the only time I have the luxury of knowing I can 'pat tow' now :):).

Yes, u are right , might be I have done everything I wanted to do , so now I am happy to be a 'yellow face' wife :)-.

But, I wanted my son to marry early. I see a lot of advantages of married early and have family early. Of course when I say early does not mean teens , what I mean is after graduate, find a job, work for 1 or 2 yrs , mid 20's. And if he needs help, hopefully I am still around to help his wife in areas that I can. By the times he is mid 40's, his children oleri in college and they can enjoy their times together.

A lot of my gfs here married in their mid 20's. Now their kids are in college or finish. They are ready to embark things they love to do.

By the time my boy go to college, I oleri in my late 50's :):).

But really I should not have any complaints. I am very blessed. I used to have forbia abt having kid and have to prepare for their college funds etc. I thought after slaving for my siblings, I have to do it all again for my kid(s). Not knowing that God is so very gracious to me to provide a FIL/MIL who has prepared that for my kid(s). I don't have to worry that anymore, they took care of it. So now I just have to sit back and enjoy my 'yellow face' wife life :):)

wuching said...

U are blessed! sometimes i wish i live alone! dife's gonna kill me!

John said...

Wuching, Thank you. Yes, I am.

A lot of people work very hard all their life to fulfill 3 obligations in life, hse payment, car payment, college fees of kids, by the time they done their obligation, they nearly mati sudah.

I came to US 'ku ku', with 3 diseases, ASD, PDA and complete heart block. Now I am full fixed + all 3 obligations being fully paid :). What more could I ask ? except kena tagged from you lah and more tech knowledge from my guru kuanhoong, ha ha ha ha. [ i havenot done my bag yet, ha ha ha ]

John said...

Wuching, that is me, not john, I forget to log him off :)-

Sweetpea said...

hi, first time dropping by... happy to know i have another 'buddy' on the internet affair :) i met my hubby on the internet via my manager. anyway, long story, but i have a happy family now...
hope to drop by more... :)

J.T. said...

Good to know I am in the company of others who met their mates on the internet. :)
It was new and different when we hooked up 11 years ago. At least new in Malaysia la... it was not well-received by many. All scared for me. They said I will be better off with a local. hmm.... where got guarantee mah? :)

CRIZ LAI said...

Wow...I have two living proof here that LDR from the cyberspace can work well. :)

And another thing...from these photos, I can see that your hubby is a caring, responsible, commited and huggable (for you) :P

Anyway, thanks for supporting my blog always. Appreciate it a lot :)

kayatan said...

Drop by more often and cerita, cerita.

11yrs ago, wow, that was 1996 ? Did you meet yr husband then ? When did u get marry ? Do u go to Germany cos he is in the service or for commercial work ? It was Neelam who introduce me the net. She is the mellinium 's IT grads. I was the 70's grads, that makes a whole lot of diff. Yes, it was challenging then to tell people yr bf was in the net and so far away. I don't blame them.

But, I did not take any chance too, I visited him and make sure. Might be after many yrs of hardknock, I just don't fall for love for the sake of love. I was very practical. Of course I love my husband but before I even consider him, he needs to fit in all the criteria that I set for the man I want to spend the entire life. Might be I am not so romantic after all.

These are my 3 big criteria :
Same faith as me, Never divorce, 2yrs older or 2 yrs younger. No question asked if these 3 did not meet, ha ha ha ha ha.

Criz, it is a pleasure to read yr blog. U are such a good writter.

PrincessJournals said...

Jamy, cant believe ur son dah besar! the pic of him holding the football (the other post) is so cute. ada gaya! ;)