The most relax day

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I was in pj the whole day. I finished my final yesterday and I felt soooooooooo... relief from school works, clinical rotations, labs and all kind of school stress you name it, I have it.

I worked on my yard some in the early morning. With my weed taller than my holly bush, I should think it is about time I do some cleaning on my flowers bed and front yard. I weeded some and went back in when the sun started to get hot on my back :).

I tidy up some on my blog as it is as messy as JJ play room :). Sometimes I wonder if you can teach a toddler to pick up his own mess ? In fact, I have given up the notion of remodeling our family room probably until JJ knows how to clean up his own mess :).

We are taking off this Saturday morning for 5days (to Tennessee and North Carolina). In fact, I wish we can go away for a week but unfortunately I have an appointment with my endocrine specialist to follow up my treatment plan on Thursday and I will be going back to work for my weekend shift this week.

I will be off 8weeks for school before my fall class start. I have a lot in mind to do this 8weeks. These are some :

Probably get a domain name and get a paid server to host.
Organize a few yard sales to sell the junks that I don't use.
Paint some of my furnitures. I bought the paint but never start it.
Review/read my fall course notes so I don't look for jamban when I need it.
Reorganize some of our bookselves.
Home school JJ at least 30mins every evening.
Get our utility room tidy up. It is a mess right now.
Get a fall calender and schedule up on the kitchen area.

I would like to appoint Jenny How of Chronicles of a Full Time eBay Seller ;and Kuanghoong of kuanhoong dot com be my virtual supervisors for my visioned projects. I hope with 2 people whom I can be accountable for give me the incentive to finish my project ? What say you(s) ? I will give you guys report on a weekly basic starting from 2nd week of July :)-


kuanhoong said...

Can't wait to see your new kopitiam blog :-)

JennyHow said...

huh? hmmmm, lets see how the virtual kopitiam look like...

Nasir said...

Hehe.. loved it when you mentioned "pj" ;)