Why we like angmo stuff so much ?

Monday, June 18, 2007

After this post, might be I don't get any Malaysian/Singaporean friend anymore, ha ha ha ha. That is ok. I am a loner most of my life, ha ha ha ha.

I just written abt 10 comments in all Malaysian 'How to make $' blog or tech blog etc... I hatam kuat kuat :).

I have been blogging very heavily the last 1 month, over this 1 month, I have been to a lot of Asian young fellow blog (mostly 20's or early young punks, I would say) about this that about making $. At first, I was very interested to find out what they write. But, I tell you after this 1 month, I lost my interest. Not because I am not interested in making online $ but what I am disappointed or lost my interest is so much info overflow, most people are talking the same thing u can find in other blog. In shot, copy cat ! no creativity at all.

Has our school system destroy the creativity in us ? Can we write a blog without having to link to an American blog, technique , mentor, guru ? Is it that hard to even quote a 'yellow skin' mentor ?

Even though I married an angmo but I don't necessary follow everything angmo ! In Angmo country, they give present, but I give Ang pow. So if they don't like it, tough !!!

Create our own Malaysian search engine (don't name it google the Malaysian way, for Pete sake), create our own guru and don't call Malaysian Rick Warren, aiyo, use a true yellow Malaysian name ! Dr. M will be proud of you :)-


kuanhoong said...

Haha, don't be lidat.. We start by sharing knowledge by learning how to optimize blog for search engines.. then once we made it and have enough $$ then we can dream big.

You are now in US, yeah you can live the American Dream, where there are plenty of capital investors. Don't forget we are in Asia, it is hard to break the market. But don't be confuse that we actually doubt our ability, we don't. Remember, MALAYSIA BOLEH!.

Haha, I hope I have provided a satisfactory answer on behalf of all bloggers out there. :P

OK now, come to our blog and spam us with your comments. Si-Tao-Poh.

kayatan said...

Ai, what is lidat ? I read it in Wuching blog too !

No lah, I hatam with good intention, want u guys to be creative ! Don't forget my son is 1/2 Malaysian, he might return to his mother land to lead his empire !!! :):):), ha ha ha ha.

I used to hatam my staff a lot. I think by now, u know I am very eccentric. I want them to dream big. I am a bad manager but I am an excellent visioner (if there is such word)

Ok, this is my meeting style. :
1st thing dream : Everyone close eyes, imagine in 2 yrs time, 5 yrs time what is yr office going to be ? What kind of sound u hear in the school ? what are the things u don't see now u see ? Have u heard of any Informatic school has billard pool table ?
2. How u going to make those dream come true ?
3. Then follow the steps...

This is what I used to chant to them, when u think of fried chicken u think of KFC, when u think of computer school, u think of FCS :):)

That is how I created the name !

I went to Brunei - 300k, ya, not only nothing, I am minus 300k.

I tell u, I stayed in the lecturers quarters with all my teachers, no AC, ya, in Brunei, no AC can die one lah.

So I got them all sit down and dream that we had AC in every room of our hostel, even toilet, kitchen. And we did for every room, except toilet lah, too much :):).

A,my American dream is build exactly like my Brunei dream lah, same principal. Dream big !

My point is be your ownself, memang Malaysia boleh :):):).

Anyone of u who wanted to be successful need to be more eccentric, break free on thinking inside the box. How u know I can't be you guys investor ?

Don't worry lah abt me going to u guys blog. I will and be ready for my hatam !!!:):):):):)

Cirnelle said...

Haiya.... what to do? Former English colony mah. Even our national car wouldn't have been called Proton if not for the language of the angmohs. If we were as free as the Thais or the Japanese, we'd be blogging with "Windows Vista" ala Malaysia. Oops, I mean "Tingkap Tengok Jauh-Jauh". If this was a Malaysian creation, we'd call it "Kuih Lapis" (for the many many layers of information the Ministry would need to make sweet before we are allowed to browse).

Wuching said...

lidat is like that & lidis is like this! its manglish ma...want me to explain what manglish is onot? hehehe

zewt said...

hey, i didnt copy anything... and zewt is very original... not copied from anywhere.

Bee said...

Agreed with you la Jamy. I watched one episod of Malaysia Idol, then I asked why so similar to the American Idol one? Somemore everybody prefers to sing in English, don't we have lot's of Malays/Chinese/Indian songs to choose from? Then people commented that I must be a Malay trying to keep everything Malay. *sight*

Then hubby asked me why most of the Asian songs copy cat one. You hear a lot of popular songs, music the same lyrics changed to local language. Hubby said, American created rap music, British techno, Brazilian have their latin songs, and do we Asian create and contribute to the music industry? When they think of Chinese songs still those classical musics, can't we just create a new type of music and the world is crazy about it?

But Jamy, tell you lah, I only realised these when I live abroad. When I live in Malaysia I didn't see any wrong with copying and modifying...

kayatan said...

I hope Malaysian bloggers do not take it negative on what I have to write but instead take it constructively and said , ya, what can we then move on !!

U know we Chinese has 6000+ yrs of civilization. The European civilization is a very young civilization. But, they surpass us since the industrial revolution. If you understand history, everything start with media !! 1st ink and paper then now internet !!!!

Why ? I can only come down to 1 conclusion. We don't like to share ! We are very scare that other people steal our 'secrets'. Our imperial culture from the authocratic kind of government system has left a lot of footprint on our culture.

This is speaking from personal experience. My paternal grandma is one of the best Nonya cook, she passed her skill to me but not my mom (my mom is consider outsider), she passed to my aunties. But guess what, most of her receipes were gone cos none of her daughter cook Nonya dish. If only my grandma is more generous, we might even know what are some of the ingredients.

This kind of tradition and practice stem from the authocratic kind of government in China. The king has the absolute power, so even though we Chinese invent paper and ink way before the European, we did not have much writing circulating among the common people, except some aristrocate families !

U see us oversea Chinese carry the same tendency like our forefather in the mainland. We don't like to share our knowledge, we keep it to yrself.

Even with Malaysian internet forum, some owners forbid you to even mention other Malaysian forum.

Our knowledge became narrower and narrower, so now it is pathetic that everything we do , we copy Westerners !!!!

We Chinese should be very proud of our culture and heritage. Why should we copy the West ? Why can we have blogs that are original ? Are there no Asian pastor who write better and more influence than Rick Warren who wrote abt Purpose driven life. Have any Chinese Christians heard of Dr. Sung !!!! who converted thousands in a day ? Why Rick Warren ?

Western people like oriental culture, they respect it as one of the oldest culture, why can't we optimized that ?

Havn't you notice I used kopitiam as my blog name ! It is a part of me , I am Nonya. So even if there is no English word for Koptiam so what ? I can edit my own Wikepedia.

Be your self , be passionate about your heritage and culture, be crazy about what you love to do. Don't copy !!!!

JennyHow said...

well, my comment is just short n simple. i agreed 100% of what jamy said. i wanted to hantam that long time ago, but i think you said it better, and everything what i wanted to say. Thanks Jamy!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

U r most wellcum to 'hantam' me wan. Me very very 'original'. But seriously I am very interested to made $$$ online but so far get rejected by PPP ( too hor ny ),blogvertise no task.So can u teach me?? Tq in advance. Have a nice day.

kayatan said...

Don't worry kena reject, I also kena reject a few times, later they accept. Never give up never give up, never say no never say no. They will give u more as yr blog increase, ok. I am sending over my cyber hug and kiss for you ..........., feel better uo.

zewt said...

it is a deadly habit, i agree. always hear the story about how those kung fu master will teach everything to the paduwan and leave the most deadly move to himself... scared the paduwan will turn on him... that's how all the great martial arts skills are gone.