Thursday, June 14, 2007

When you kid started going to school, you have all kind of headaches with all kind of activities that they have.
Today, JJ class has treasure hunt and he has to dress as pirate.
Mama does not have a lot of times to dress him up , sigh, with all my clinical rotation, papers, exams, all I can do is go to Wal-mart (the world biggest retail chain :):)) to get him so custom. I don't think he looks like a pirate, I think he looks more like a Japanese Ninja fighter with all his swords :)


kuanhoong said...

Ninja fighter where got wear cowboy hat one :P

kayatan said...

KH, very sharp eyes :)-
Mama too busy with clinical rotation, just simply buy a Western cowboy hat with the pirate gadgets loh :)-

zewt said...

tsk tsk tsk... what has become of your son? :P

J.T. said...

I laughed at Kuanhoong's and Zewt's comments.

When you put JJ in a mix and match gear like that, he looks more like a cowboy ninja who just got mixed up with some pirates from the Caribbean. hehehe

Thank goodness for WalMart! Anyone can go unique.

kayatan said...

Ha ha ha ha, I also wanted to laugh !
Yes, he has cowboy hat, Captain hook's hook, the belt from Takwondo :). A really rojak mix and he hates it :)- Poor son !