Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am very obnoxious to use Kaya as my blog handler :). Kaya is Malay word for rich.

In fact, I started blogging about investment but there are hardly any comments on my blog so I decided to write a personal blog, a blog where I write nonsense, a blog where I rant, show off and review a lot about me and my family, ha ha ha ha.

In fact, my 1st love is still investment but since there is no comment, I don't like to talk to myself :)-.

I think my tech sifu cannot tahan (stand) me anymore cos I keep complaining I am fed up with Malaysian bloggers about how to make $ online, he challenged me to share my guruness in gold investment.

In fact, I have always very entreprising, even when I was a young girl, I used to sell all kind of stuffs . My mom used to buy sweets from wholesale stores and I would resale it to my friends, neighbors children etc. When I was in my teens, I started making baju, birthday cakes, gave tuition to rich people children. This is one of my trait, making $, investment .

I met my guru 7yrs ago. In fact, he is not any guru, I just call him that. He in fact was a retired missionary, spend all his golden years in Bolivia jungles serving the tribal people there. But, he really is a wise man. He showed me why gold investment is a life time opportunity this coming 10 years or son. Of course, I don't just listen, I started doing a lot of research. Over the years I learn a whole lot about world economics, America system etc... It is not about gold itself, it is about the world monetary system.

I have been very fortunate to earn quite a fair bit on gold/silver investment the last few years.

I have an investment blog that I neglected a fair bit since I started to put more work on this kopitiam but if you are interest, by all mean visit my site, there are tons of good articles.

These are some stocks I have researched last year, might be you want to do some research on them. It takes a lot of patience, hard work to invest in gold and silver.

I knew this guy(Jason Hommel) since 2003 ( when I mean knew, I mean I read his work, emailed him and follow his performance), he started with no money, just help his dad to manage his dad portfolio, he has earned a lot of $ since I knew him, at least in the rank of million. You would not believe his writing effort, he used to give free research email on some of the silver mines he has studied. It was like 60-90 pages per email. But now, you got to pay to get his email oleri. I think his readership is in the 100k+ amt.

If you really want to untung from serious money, gold and silver is your best bet for the next 10 years or so. When I started investing gold , it was $200+/oz, now it is %650+/oz. It used to be easy to buy gold and silver stock cos they are so few of them but now there are a lot more. It is harder to find out which one is for real :)- but still you can as long as you are ready to put in works.

Ooooh, by the way, who knows the picture I just posted. Get it right, I will send you a florida t-shirt. BE is baned from guessing :)-. Yalah , not fair lah :)- because I think BE had been there before and seen it before lah :)-


kuanhoong said...

Thanks Jamy aka Gold Investment Guru.

But hor, to invest in Gold and Silver is not like buying sweets leh.. you think everyone is as ruch as like Madam Jamy aka Gold Investment Guru meh..

You see, to make money online is much simpler, in fact you don't actually need to have any startup capital. All you need is a good writing skill, and time. It is so simple that anyone can start something anytime.

Yeah, I do agree that it is not easy and not everyone can make it. But then again hor, so is Gold and Silver Investment, don't you think so ;-)

kayatan said...

Of course lah, my tech sifu. Barrier of entry is lower and invest on gold and silver need some capital.

Not everyone can make it on making $ online and not everyone also can make $ on gold/silver :)-

Otherwise, my page rank would be like yrs oleri and I don't have to call you sifu oleri liau :):):)

kuanhoong said...

Aiya, just a healthy discussion lah.. No hard feeling ok :-)

Don't take it seriously.

Sometimes it is hard to know what the other party is actually trying to say. For your information, I am actually smiling while typing this.

BTW, are you referring to me in your blog? The link for Tech Sifu is to Jason Hommel's site.. just wondering

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! I go & read up ur investment blog. Interesting. But I think not applicable to me a M'sian.Where can buy gold & silver apart from the real physical gold & silver.Any advice is appreciated. Have a nice weekend.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Oh forgot to add any online investment or how to made $$$ is most interested.BTW PPP & blogvertisment reject me! Too hor ny for them. Have a nice day.

kayatan said...

I correct the link oleri, I think I am mabuk or what lah.
Seriously, we should start up a site where a no. of co authors (synergy is the word). A site like a new style of kopitiam where there is kolo mee stall, laksa stall, satay stall etc... in short various experts. U write web efficiency, ken write s/w, h/w, Jenny write ebay, I write investment (any kind, it can be new biz like med transcrip etc), so there will always be new topics. Ahem when we have a lot of reader, we can used membership only, how about that sif ?

kayatan said...

Hmmm... hnam (yr name too long, diff. for me to type, so in the future, I use short form, ok ),

I am not sure if online broker like Ameritrade accept oversea client or not. I will call them one of these day and find out.

Yaloh, everyone also want to make $, but health more important lah.

U take care of yrself and have a nice weekend in the jungle (yr avatar is a orang hutan lah, so I assume u live in jungle :):):)>

JennyHow said...

when i read the title "Kaya" , i thought it is the kaya and jam we spread on our bread. :)

Well, KuanHoong and Jamy, you bought have a point. To me, to make money, we DO need some kind of investment. There is no free lunch in life.

Investment can be in the form of money, time, effort, sleepless nights, hours spent away from family, and etc,,, initally. Without such effort, money will not be rolling in.

kayatan said...

U are very right in that "To me, to make money, we DO need some kind of investment. There is no free lunch in life.

Investment can be in the form of money, time, effort, sleepless nights, hours spent away from family, and etc,,, initally. Without such effort, money will not be rolling in."

When I am single, investment just mean making $ so I can have more designer shoes, clothes, watches etc.

Now investment mean more than just $. Investment in my family, husband and son. Time teaching my young one about values that I treasure, teaching him about things I like to pass on to him and etc...

Yes, it always require hard work, self mortification of desires, delay gratification and etc...

But retrospect, you can sit down and enjoy yr fruits of labor !!!

That is why I love to invest !!!!!

Ah Bong said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog :) . You have a great blog here. Also a lovely family. Will come over to visit your blog now and then. But I agree with what horny ang moh said about silver and gold but because I have no extra to invest :)

have a great weekend

kayatan said...

Aiya, Ah Bong, I really paisai u put my comment as one of the entry on your blog. Sorry eh about my big mouth. Thank you for visiting my blog !

Never mind abt the silver and gold lah, do whatever you can ,ok :)-

Cirnelle said...

Until I read this, I didn't link the word 'kaya' with rich... I've always thought its that sweet spread we put on bread here in Malaysia. Hahahahahah... sorry for my misunderstanding.

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