Wiil he be a football player ?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


kuanhoong said...

Yeah, a good professional football player can earn millions :-)

Bee said...


I think he will follow your footstep going into the gold investment and be more in the business field. haha

ColourMeCrazy said...

Such a cute photo! I'm sure he'll be a top class football player!

zewt said...

in the states... one should aim to be an athlete... perhaps basketball would be a better choice... but looks like the lil one has already chosen his preference...

J.T. said...

Whatever sports he chooses to focus on, make him the best in it because if he is one of the millions, he has his life set. Professional sports is huge in the States, as you know it.

kayatan said...

Thank you everyone.

I have continuously to instill a love for learning in my son.

I wanted him to recognized that learning is fun and fun is learning. And eventually learning will be a passion for him not matter how old he is. During the learning process, I will nuture and direct him to the gift that he has.

I want him to do what he loves and feels passionate about it. I do not want him to be an accountant, doctor, lawyer or football or basketball player because the $ is good or for the sake of being an accountant, lawyer, doc and etc.

I believe the main difference between the employee in MS and Gates is the gap in passion.

My 2cents for whatever it worths

CRIZ LAI said...

Gosh...are my eyes playing tricks on me or I am too observant? Did your son just grew taller and bigger? Two days of resting really made so much difference? :P

kayatan said...

Criz, these 2 photos were taken last yr. He was chubby then. Why he looks bigger ?
Some of the photos I posted here and there were photos taken when he was younger.
A Criz, I wrote a very long comment on yr web abt the buatan Malaysia, did u read or not eh ?
I spend a lot of times writing oooh.

zewt said...

your approach is certainly good... he needs to know what he wants... and do what he enjoys to make a living.

thanks for your prayers jamy... i am feeling much better now. Praise the good Lord!

kayatan said...

I am glad that u feel better.
We go to prayer meeting/bible study every Wednesday nite. My hubby and me always pray in the car while driving to the church. We remember you in our prayers.

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