Why is Gucci, . LV and prada's product so appealing to Malaysian female population ?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

This topics was inspired from the recent Zewt's blog entry about "When the ‘if’ turns real".

From the comments and from one of Zewt reply to me that"Oh Jamy...gucci and prada or LV bags are big big thing in malaysia. to some girls... it's a must have. i have heard of situation whereby a girl told her new bf that he MUST get her one within 3 months or the relationship is off. and the guy saved like hell to get it for her. ". Wow, apparently, a lot of Malaysian females have a strong affinity or lust towards European branded goods to the expense of a relationship. That is pretty scary !!!!!!!!!

Is that a social ill, culture ill or a personality flaw ? Why covert European's when you are Asian ?

I don't necessary think indulge yourself with some branded goods with your hard earn money is a sin that a woman has ? Do you ?

I personally like Liz Claiborn design, a New York base designer and also a fan of Vera Wang. Vera Wong is truly a product of melting pot America. I have never gotten to like European goods or products for I find them too goldie. I prefer subtle and lighter design such as Australia's country road brand. I particularly does not like Italian products, it is just not my kind of tea.

I think it is very obvious that Malaysian has a lot of post colonial syndrome. Things from the West are good. It is even better if it is expensive because that would boost my status. I think that is a displacement mechanism on low self esteem.

Might be people who felt strongly of what I said should read what does it mean about displacement from Wikipedia.

Well, as for me, I love to find bargains.

There are some of my US50cents bargains that I like to share with you.


Wuching said...

what brand names? they're all made in a sweatshop in china!

Puteri said...

haha, Jamy, where got malaysians want to buy used stuff?! Esp working girls! Even those with small gaji want to show off their branded bags, sunglasses, perfume ...

I have a gucci bag ... very nice looking and looks like the real thing coz it was really well done, but I only paid $20 for it! Hahaha, counterfeit, that I bought at the flea market!

Genuine or not, how do these malaysian girls know? Eh!

Hijackqueen said...

Good taste on Liz Claiborn. Ann's Taylor not bad too.

:: Nicole :: said...

it's not m'sian female only.. it happens to FEMALES all around the world!! haha..

for me, i'd like to own a pair of jimmy choo.. i never would want prada, or gucci or LV coz it's just so common! even if u got a REAL LV bag, ppl nowadays will assume that it's a fake one.. right?

i'm not a bag person but i'm a shoe person.. i'd buy lots of shoes.. that's about it.. i'm more into diamonds now.. heheh.. diamond last forever wat :p~

anyway, most girls would buy a gucci or prada or CD sunglasses BUT do the sunglasses protect their eyes? i doubt that.. just for fashion but y not spend it on a oakley polarize sunglasses? it's not cheap, it's branded and it protects your eyes.. i think practicality when i want to spend on some designer stuff.. not that 'u got it, i want it also' kind of thingy

kayatan said...

Wuching, yalah, and you know Indonesian produce the most shoes for Nikes and Singaporean are buying them for S$200+ per pair. Why got logic one ?

kayatan said...

Ya, the smaller gaji, the more Gucci bag they want to accumulate.

Cirnelle said...

Ah ah, nicole. Don't generalise. Not all girls are like that.

Did you say 50cents???

kayatan said...

Sorry Nicole, I have to disagree with you on that "it happens to FEMALES all around the world!! haha.."

Nah, I find Asian women idolized Western culture to the extend that you can say stupidity !

Ya, some American female do like branded goods but not to the extend of jilt their boyfriends for a Gucci. That is really unheard of here.

Here a lot of young sorority girl (check out what I mean by sorority girl in the US : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraternities_and_sororities) like branded goods. They probably like their Western idols but have you heard they idolized their Eastern idols that they jilt their boyfriends ? Nah.

I really think it has to do with the low self Esteem of Asian women ! They like white culture and white man made bags , shoes or dresses.

I really hope I will get more reactions from Malaysian females :):)

kayatan said...

But, I have to say there is a lot of Asian women who has very high self esteem who do not fall for that kind of trap.

They are educated, work hard and might be splurge them selves here and there with some branded goods they like.

When I was working in Australia, I like country road design a lot, I splurged myself some now and then. And the goods that I bought last for a long time cos the quality is higher.

kayatan said...

Yes, Cirnelle,
It is US$50cents. Look nice, right ?
I especially like the Jean cos it is branded as well and some more is low waist and a bit of bell bottom :):).
U can say I am blessed or whatever, I got an endocrine disease that no matter how much I eat, I can never get fat so I look ok with jeans and T's.

:: Nicole :: said...

i MUST say that it's just too much/crazy to see ppl lining up or spending a night outside a LV shop

kayatan said...

ppl lining up or spending a nite outside a LV shop ?
What do you mean ?
U know these crazy syndrome might even a good blog topics to blog or even an unique blog to have :)-

:: Nicole :: said...

i thought u know that ppl sometimes have to line up outside a LV shop just to get in??

i went to takashimaya, singapore and saw that.. so i asked my friend.. she said 'oh, it's normal.. the staff of LV doesn't want too many ppl in the shop, so they make ppl wait for their turn to get in the shop' =.=

kayatan said...

Wah, like that also got one ?
I always thought Singapore is a very weird society !!!
Now u said that, even more confirmed.
'Chialat', you know Hokkien ?
Aiya, I live in America so many yrs, I still remember my Hokkien lah :)

zewt said...

yes.... i think you're right... we are still suffering from post colonial syndrome. this is apparent not only in our desires but also in our work. we look up to the whites in our work till sometimes, i feel some of my colleagues and bosses dont carry enough self worth and self esteem... everything the ppl in london say... we say ok ok ok ok...

and.... 50cents!!!!!!!!!!! no wayyyy!!! no no no way!!!!!!!

anyway... enjoy your hols!

one more thing i would like to add... those who claim that she doesnt need or want a gucci and lv... are usually (yes... generalisation here)... already have one. i am speaking from real life encounterssssss.

kayatan said...

Yes, it is 50cent.
I buy things which I think are practically.
I buy car which take me to go from destination A to B.
Likewise, clothes that last and I use often like Jean and T's :)-.
If I save $1 , I can use it for missionary and gold investment.
That are my 2 passions.

kayatan said...


I am not sure if you will read this comment. But I will still write.
Yes, it is all the pro-white syndrome, low self-esteem.
It is not just common people, business owner, even our own politician who hatam America left right center and guess the more higher up the politic rand, the more they sent their children to be educated.

Check the following VIP's children :
1. Dr. M
2. Khoo Su Koon
3. Samy

Does any of this single individual ever want to send their child(ren) to MU or an U in Arabic country?
Why not ? In BM ?

There are still a number of Chinese parents who send their children to Taiwan.

Personal faith, parental influence, environment(culture and country) are 3 major factors that impact on the development on self esteem.

Ya, u might be right to a certain extend that those do not want Gucci already have but I can assure you that there might be some who has never covert for Gucci; that is the reason there are people who are revolutionist and martyr. They die for their belief and conviction not some material procession in this world.

I think in Malaysia Gucci is a status symbol , not so much of a brand that is cool.

I think many Americans could care less about Gucci. I think many of them think Italy is a backward country in terms of industry and development. Some might like Gucci for its quality if they are looking for branded product but not buying Gucci for status symbol.

However, America is also a very material kind of society. They look for different thing, not necessary Gucci.

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