Oversea Students

Friday, June 01, 2007

I was an oversea student when I was young. Now though I am in oversea but I am a resident here. The feeling is different. Having so much here ( the most fortunate part is having a family), inevitably you want to give back. I knew how it is to live oversea without family and alone. So, I asked my husband if we could be involved with the oversea students ministry. As nice as he is, the answer is of course, YES. These are one of the functions we were involved years back. A lake party. As usual we Asians love to eat :), naturally there were lots of turn out that day at the lake picnic :). Now we are no longer involve in that ministry but our ministry is primary for the Indonesian and Malaysia ministries at our areas.

The host and us, see how little my son was then :). Times flies when you are having good times.

Someday, we hope to own a house at the lake fronts and with lots of acerage.


Bee Ean Tee said...

Nice house Jamy. JJ can play around, lots of spaces.

Mama BoK said...

Oh.. i love a house by a lake.. and lots of acres of land too.. ;) someday.. when we retire.. we will build one .. near my FIL's house.. in his land. REally nice of you and your hubby to be involved this way with the foreign students.. ;) i would love to do that too.. but we are so busy. Well.. lets hope .. when chloe is older.. i will be able to learn a thing or two.. about it.. and do it here in Yarmouth.

J.T. said...

A house by the lake is very nice. We have a very small one in Louisiana by Toledo Bend Lake. Miss the serenity, especially early mornings and late nights. That is our one and only house - can't afford anything more. Our retirement place. :)

kayatan said...

Water always clam me down. I used to live in Sydney for many yrs. I used to work in the North Shores and lived in the South. Everyday I would take the train to work and when the train drove pass Sydney Darling Habor, the blue sky the blue harbor water makes me want to cry :).

Coming from a beautiful land - Sarawak, the river and the mountain makes me appreciate nature a lot.

And marrying someone who hailed from the beautiful lookout mountain from Tennnesse makes both of us wanted to move near the sea and mountain so much.

One day, I hope to build our home near the lake with lots of acres, I like to do it when my boy is a bit older.

Mamabok, I read abt yr FIL land in yr blog.

JT, yr husband American ?

kayatan said...

Mamabok, I received so much when I gave ! Now we minister to the Indonesians folks. My goodness, they cook yummy Indoneisan food every month we meet.
We open our home for them for their once a month fellowship. From this fellowship, my dh and som picked up Malays here and there. My son called the elderly men Pak and elderly women ibu :). It is wonderful for my son to mingle around Asian people. As this young age, he oleri he is part Asian cos he called himself Chinese boy :):)-

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